Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mega Bloks: White or Black Vest for Super Samurai Blue?

UPDATED 7/15/12
I am so obsessive. Turns out I over-reacted again. It is not a black vest at all! It is just a translucent white vest but when photographed, it looks black. So disregard! But if you ever see old posts on blogs or boards mentioning Gedou Shinken Blue or a 'Dark' Blue Ranger, you can see it was from mistaking the clear plastic vest as black.

Above is a picture of the packaging for the Blind Pack #2 of Mega Bloks. I see a white vest. You tell me. I don't have it yet, but these pics are from Tumblr and eBay, I got it on Rangerboard but don't know the names. If these are your pictures, let me know and I'll credit it. 

In the paper inside calls the one with the black vest as 'Translucent Blue Ranger Super Samurai Mode.' There is no white vest. 

The Super Samurai Blue Ranger in the show has a white vest. As far as the Japanese footage of Samurai Shinken Shinkenger and all of Super Sentai, Blue does not have the Black Vest. The Black Vest comes from...

 Gedou Shinken Red, which appeared in Shinkenger vs. Goseiger. The leader was turned evil. The bad guys (Nighlok in Power Rangers) were the Gedoushu. Gedou is also a term for a state of existence outside the six realms of Buddhist cosmology.

S.H. Figuarts have Hyper Shinken Red and Gedou Shinken Red available. Hyper Shinken Red is known as Red Ranger Shark Attack Mode in Samurai.

Above is a fan-made creation. Gedou Shinken Blue didn't exist. We don't know if it will appear on the show. I find it unique that MegaBloks gave him a black vest. It is curious that we don't see Shark Attack mode for Red or Shark Attack Mega Mode. Oh well. I so am going to go after this one!

Also by the way, the official site says you can get Pink Ranger Samurai Mode figure in Pack one. I always had assumed there was a mystery figure in series one but reviewing the packaging again, it says only 8 figures and there is no figure with a '?' on the front like the second pack. So perhaps it is a mistake.


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