Monday, September 24, 2012

What is Power Force?

This weeks' polls are brought to you by my fellow blogger Pat Domonia except for the top one I just put about Power Force. Surprisingly, there is a lot of votes for "What is Power Force?" I thought it was explained before but here it goes again...

Originally called "Super Fans Power Force," it is alluded to in a press release for Power Rangers Megaforce in June. Then in July, the applications were available on and a few fans were already selected such as my Ranger Central site partner Mike Bastian (MikeRC), Joe Rovang, Lisa J, Power Morphicon and a few others. I applied. At first I thought it was for anybody. Fans complained about 'Super Fans' saying that it was not good, eltist and they felt left out. So they removed 'Super Fans.'

So to coincide with Power Morphicon, they invited us to a breakfast for Power Force, those members that were going to PMC. There I finally learned what Power Force was. A thousand people applied but they only picked 20. Basically they wanted a small group of influential web fans that do websites, blogs, vlogs, youtube videos, podcasts, films and other stuff. We are basically representatives. They said their licensees also want to know our feedback on products. And they are planning to international sectors of Power Force. So watch out Canada, United Kingdom, Latin America and other regions. So I hope that is clarified already. Also, if you want to see Power Force members interact, check out Twitter and follow me!


Sean Nice (Godzilla606) said...

If I am correct didn't Linkara join this? So did you get to meet him?

Lavender Ranger said...

I did not meet Linkara, he was not at the PMC.

Who I met: MMPRToys, Joe Rovang, Keith Justice, Lisa J, Fury Diamond, Morphin Legacy, Black Nerd, Kevin the Director, the Power Morphicon guy, and OmegaRangerRed (I think).

I am twitter pals with Mr. Yellow and DarkBlaze and Grnrngr.

Lavender Ranger said...

Oh and twitter pal with Linear Ranger too!