Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2013 Sentai Kyouryuger Leaked Image

 This is the first leaked image of Sentai 2013.

 Thanks to Jefusion for the shout out:
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Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

The black facade on the right hand side reminds me a lot of SPD/Dekaranger. That and it has the white wrist gloves too. I wonder if this dino silhouette is a team symbol or if like SPDeka the suits will each have their own symbol. I can imagine individual profiles of a T-Rex or Sauropod,but others might be more difficult.

This particular shape reminds me of a Horse's Head for some reason. Now theres an idea! Tune in 2016 for Chess Sentai HoyleRanger!

Shoulder pads appear to resemble sharp teeth. I guess since we don't have a white diamond pattern like Zyu or Abaranger we needed to fit in a Teeth Motif somewhere.

TAG said...

I like the jump suit, but I think the helmet leaves a bit to be desired. It doesn't really give enough of a dino vibe to me. Still, I doubt this'll be the final design. I hope that the dino pattern in the jump suit stays with whatever design they settle on.

@Erik: I dunno, having Hoyle in the name seems really off to me. Maybe "Chesu Sentai ShōgiRanger" (from what I looked up, Shōgi is Japanese for checkmate; would Shōgiger make sense?)?