Saturday, March 9, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce - Harmony and Dizchord - Episode Review

Troy spots Emma singing by herself in the forest. Malkor sends a new monster to play loud annoying music, that effect Troy and Emma. The five Rangers fight the Loogies and the monster, but Red and Pink are suffering. They try destroying him but fail. Emma hears regular music in the hallway and is the only one bothered by it. Malkor sends down Vrak to reason with the monster.  The boys are at the juice bar and Ernie's music effects Troy, so he leaves. Gia arrives and the monster attacks again, everyone is effected by the music except for Ernie.

They call Troy but the music bugs him. Emma by the way is enjoying silence in a meadow. Gia, Jake and Noah come to fight but encounter Vrak. The monster amplifies his music throughout the world (through horrible green screen and stereotypes of various countries). Vrak beats up the three. Troy gets an idea. The bad guys stop when they hear a female voice singing. Troy brings in Emma singing. Emma singing a song about flowers blooming and the Cherry Blossoms start blooming, reminding me of the scene from Goseiger.

Troy activates a tornado with the cherry blossoms, hitting the bad guys.  The MotD plays his music combating Emma's music as the Rangers fight Vrak. MotD goes down and Vrak is beaten by the Megaforce Blaster (3 part). Troy and Emma morph. The duo fights the Loogies quickly. The five do a five part slash and use the Megaforce Blaster again and destroy him this time. Vrak makes Dizchord big and Megazord is formed.

He like other MotDs, does his gimmick as a giant and gets hit by 'music' of the mechazords and destroyed by the regular Gosei Great Megazord. At the Warstar ship, Malkor reprimands Vrak. He wants to come up with a foolproof plan. Back at the juice bar, the gang congrats Emma for singing. Ernie says he heard the best music yesterday and recorded some of it---which is the monster's music--and clears the business.
The green screen was really horrible. Oh my god, Josh Duhamel can't sing, his wife didn't even help him. I am talking about a promo on Nick during the episode. Anyway, a pretty bland episode with uninspired music. The use of the same clothes and same sets like back in MMPR are starting to get to me. I think it because the sets are so small. The Samurai sets were much bigger and more ample, giving more for the eye to see. Vrak saying he was Dizchord's manager was also painful and unnecessary. Overall, I did not like this episode.


D'Blaze said...

I don't like when the they're use the same footage for the concert scene. I'm referring to the one that had Vrak in it. It just a short scene, why can't they take a new one. This also happened in previous episodes. It kinda bug me

FangJokerTaJaDorFourze97 said...

First off isn't Vrak supposed to be in his other form while he is on Earth? Lazy episode!!