Monday, March 4, 2013

Check out exclusive Series 2 Preivew cards at

Thanks to Fury Diamond/@Rangercrew for these preview images to the Power Rangers Action Card Game "Guardians of Justice" Series 2 cards. Check all 5 out on his blog

 Power Rangers Samurai Bear Zord

 Gold RPM Ranger

 Silver RPM Ranger

Gosei Great Grand Megazord
Also check his card list:

UPDATED 3/5/13
 Following cards from Facebook:
Fury Diamond collected questions from Ranger Crew forum members and asked the representative:

Q: Can we expect to get cards for all the primary villains (Samurai in Series 1)?
A: Yes, eventually, the amount of Villains in each set will be around small, roughly 10 on average. While we realize they are popular to many people, we want a majority
of what people pull from the packs to be Rangers which they are more likely to recognize and be familiar with.

Q: How many series' will there be in total?
A: As many as we can make, and with your support we hope we can go for a long time since we have so much material to work with.

Q: Will the card game extend into 2014?
A: Yes.

Q: Will we be receiving secondary villains? (PRLR Cyborg Rangers, PRiS Psycho Rangers, PRSPD A-Squad)
A: From what I have seen in making the game, it's harder to find art for these particular cards. But I will try my best to make it so in Series 4 and beyond.

Q: Will there be a Female Red Samurai Card?
A: Yes!

UPDATED 3/8/13
Here are a couple more:

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