Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions - Power Rangers

UPDATED 3/4/13
In 2010, Saban Brands has bought back Power Rangers and it is airing on Nickelodeon and more people are watching. I have been receiving a lot of e-mails from lots of parents out there and decided to make this list of F.A.Q. for them and others who might have questions. These answers are subject to change.

Where do I get Power Rangers Samurai on DVD in the US?
As of August 2012, Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai DVDs have been released in the USA thanks to Lionsgate. In other countries, they are coming to be available too. Super Samurai Blu-Ray Complete Series is out. Also Clash of the Red Rangers, Monster Bash and the first Christmas special. As of March 2013, Samurai Season One complete series has not come out yet. Lionsgate is in charge of Samurai, Super Samurai and Megaforce DVDs.

Where do I get Power Rangers ______ on DVD? Any Box Sets?
 Time Life came out with a 40-disc set from MMPR to Lost Galaxy Box sets. MMPR Full three Seasons Box Set has been released by Shout! Factory. Volumes of Season One and Season Two are available. Season One Volumes and the first volume of the second season of VR Troopers are out. All episodes of Ninja Turtles: Next Mutation are out in two volumes. Also Big Bad Beetleborgs Season One Volumes and the first volume of Season Two are out. Other seasons of Power Rangers to be released by Shout! Factory soon. Shout! Factory is in charge of Power Rangers and old Tokusatsu by Saban.

 Which seasons of Power Rangers are available on Netflix?
All of them, from Mighty Morphin to Samurai; 720 episodes and two movies. Also other Saban series such as Big Bad Beetleborgs, VR Troopers and Ninja Turtles: Next Mutation. Hulu Plus also has Samurai, Super Samurai, Lost Galaxy and Megaforce.

Can my child meet the Power Rangers at Disney World or any other theme park?
As of August 2012, no. Power Rangers were at Disney World's Hollywood Studios from 2005 to 2010, but no longer. Nick Hotel in Orlando, Florida has had events with suited Rangers.

Where do I buy Power Rangers Super Samurai or Megaforce toys?
Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Target, K-Mart, Walgreens (just action figures), Ross, Marshalls and other stores like that. Online you can find them on Toywiz.com and Amazon.com. 

When do new episodes air?
In the US and Canada, Megaforce episodes will air from February to April 2013. Further episodes in the fall.

What is 'Power Rangers Megaforce?
It is a new season with new cast, new setting, new plot, new zords and new villains. Like Samurai, Megaforce will last two years. The Samurai cast will most likely return in a teamup special, it has yet to be announced. Megaforce currently airs at 1pm on Saturdays on Nick.

What seasons air on NickToons?
Right now various seasons have aired on NickToons. Right now Power Rangers SPD (2006), Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Megaforce regularly air every week.

What Samurai merchandise or food products are available now?
March 2013: Boys T-Shirts at Target and Walmart, umbrellas, keychains, posters, books and sticker books at Toys R Us and Walmart, Red Samurai Book bag at some stores, plush dolls (small and medium), punching bags, gloves, masks, Rangers Mac and Cheese, Rangers Juice boxes. Also there is Power Rangers Megaforce Mega Bloks, Power Rangers Megaforce Mash'ems, Power Rangers Megaforce Battle Ready Mini Figures (mini figures with cards in blind packs), and Zerboz miniature figures.

Are there Party Supplies?
Many Birthday supplies such as napkins, loot bags, plates, marquee balloon, 18 inch foil balloon, 18 inch round pinata, cups, table blankets, masks, stickers, decorations, scrolls, toys and games. Available at participating Party City and online stores.

 What is the Power Rangers Action Card Game?
 Bandai (the toy company for Power Rangers) has released this trading card game. To learn to play it, check the website. It has 3 cool gimmicks. One is the game itself. Second is you can download a free Card Scanner Ap for your IOS phone, Android phone, iPhone or iPod and scan the cards by the barcodes to activate a short video. Third is you can purchase the Deluxe Gosei Morpher and enter a card inside and it will say a phrase or sound.

Where can I purchase the Power Rangers Action Card Game? 
  Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, Toys R Us and soon in other stores. Wal-Mart has booster packs for $3.98 and Toys R Us has them for $4.99. Starter Packs are $8 in Walmart and $10 at Toys R Us. You can also get cards from the Power Rangers Megaforce toys and Battle Ready Mini Figures. The ones that come with the toys are called Toy Promo Cards and start with a 'P.' Series 1 "Rise of the Heroes" has a '1' before the card number and Series 2 "Guardians of Justice" has a '2.' Each Starter Pack comes with 20 fixed cards (same cards each pack) and Booster Packs come with 10 random cards (One foil).

 What are the names of the series of Power Rangers Action Card Game?
Series One: Rise of Heroes; Premiered in February [Starter Pack and Booster Packs] 120 cards
Series Two: Guardians of Justice; Premieres in April [Booster Packs only] 115 cards
Series Three; Premieres in the Summer [Starter Pack and Booster Packs]


Anonymous said...

since ninja storm, singapore always have dvds of power rangers series on sale, including the current airing samurai (3 episodes per disc). volume six is here: http://www.tsgroup.com.sg/index.php?page=products&mid=461
most of the times they are available before it air in singapore

Lavender Ranger said...

Fans have called super mode "elvis" back during shinkenger. Today a 3rd grader at my work called it "disco".

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Great idea for an article. It's informative, well thought out and clear. I am able to use this info to keep up to date on new PR updates.