Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gokaiger 49 and 50 Preview!

The person who posted pics this week, posted a few.
  The Gokaiger are in the Galleon talking about the new powers, the keys glow and they are engulfed by a white light and get approval from Blue Mask, VulPanther II, Change Gryphon, Five Yellow and Green Flash and their keys glow.

 They try smacking and touching Navi, but the keys come out of the box and she becomes this door. There are a bunch of locks and chains. They put all 34 Red keys into the locks.

They enter the door and get the Tri-Force thingy, which talks. They go out of the door, Navi returns to normal. The treasure box glows. They complain to the triangle thingy. Then Insarn attacks the Galleon.

 Commercial for Gaoranger and Sun Vulcan Legend Keys.

The Gokaiger form GokaiOh and fight Insarn's robo with Goujyujin. They use the Hurricanger power but then use the greater powers of Changeman and Maskman. Then they use Gaoranger and Shinkenger. Insarn falls out. The Gokaiger jump out as Gai continues fighting grunts with Goujyujin. Red grunts come help Insarn.

They briefly become Magiranger and then the dream team. Marvelous as VulEagle fights Insarn. They defeat the four red grunts and the five use the Galleon Buster on Insarn and Gai destroys the big grunts. Insarn is destroyed. 

The six Gokaiger are attacked from up high and de-transform. A big old fleet coms after them, bigger than the one for the Ranger War.

Episode 50 (I got off Tv-Asahi):
 Kai's Girlfriend??!

 The boy from episode 2?

 OMG! Goushi from Zyuranger!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! Armored TyrannoRanger!!!!!!!


Mjolnir said...

Was there any theme song in the fight?

ZeroFlame16 said...

I thought VulPanther was yellow? Sorry just had to point that out. Also, yeah for armored tyranoranger!

Lavender Ranger said...

zero, my bad! I always get confused.

Dessa said...

I couldn't quite make it out, but the scene with the Triforce over the Chest seemed to be them giving it the powers of the Keys (as was rumored is required) so that it could get rid of the Zangyack, but then they realized that if they did that they couldn't fight, so that's why they stopped. Not sure, though.

One piece said...

So the guests for this episode are Goushi AKA Mammath ranger, Kais girl friend and Nozomu's dad from goseiger.

Dessa said...

I'm pretty certain that is the kid from episode 2, since the shot with Luka and Ahim has the girl and her mom from episode 23. If it turns out to be people they helped, I'd expect the kid from 22 to show up for Joe, and the kid he saved to show up for Gai (unless, of course, it turns out that Gai really is Dead All Along). Can't really think of any individual person who stands out for Don, though.

Lavender Ranger said...

Mjonir, correction: They had an instrumental of each team's theme when the Gokaiger fought.