Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thoughts and Theories on Power Rangers Action Card Game (Also News!)

UPDATED 3/8/13
 The Power Rangers Action Card Game Facebook has been revealing quite a number of tidbits on Series 2 Guardians of Justice.

There are new battlizer modes this set but you'll have to wait and see which ones. he bar codes will be on the actual card, at this time the videos are being finalized and we don't want to confuse those with the app if they tried to scan them and found the links did not work. every Sunday will be Villain day with 2 new Villains cards for the next 5 weeks."
We always stay at least 1 set ahead so any suggestion we hear now will be taken into consideration for Series 4+. So far the demand is for: More Mighty Morphin (including zords), Alien Rangers, Psycho Rangers, 6th Rangers (Titanium Ranger, Silver Space Ranger). Am I missing anything. xD

I'll have to check with Saban to see what to call the Aquitian Rangers, and your right now Battlizer Modes was another request. It may take a while but we will try to hit all the major Villains, their foot soldiers, and then henchmen.
[Facebook member names have been omitted]

[He is not in] Series 2 so the earliest you would see him (Zhane, Silver Space Ranger) would be Series 3.

You are all such great fans, since the Power Rangers ACG Series 2 "Guardian of Justice" previews have begun we have gotten over 200+ likes. As a treat, we'll show a NEW Ultra Rare for every increment of 100 likes we get from here on out, and make sure to check back each Friday for Ultra Rare Fridays! =D 

Also he (or she, not sure) suggested Ryan the Titanium Ranger would be in series 3 while Fury Diamond was told by his source Ryan would have a card in a future series. 

The following is my own theory and has no backing of turth whatsoever:
It seems six rangers are being shunned to Series 3 or future series. Also, Ranger Gold and Silver of RPM have no cards in Series 1. RPM Gold and Silver will be included in Series 2 CONFIRMED by Fury Diamond. We might find out in the future coming weeks with the previews. My theory is that they might be saving the Sixth Rangers for Series 3 because Robo Knight is set to premiere in Episode 8 which will premiere either now in March or in a few months. Series 3 is set to be released in the summer.

 For Sixth Rangers, I made a count..

 1. Green Ranger (Appeared in Series 1 and they could release more cards)

2. White Ranger (Appeared in Series 1 and they could release more cards)

3. Gold Ranger (even though Zeo is not scheduled to release yet)

4. Phantom Ranger (even though Turbo isn't scheduled yet)

5. Silver Ranger (Set to appear in Series 3)

6. Titanium Ranger (Set to appear in Series 3)

7. Quantum Ranger (Time Force not scheduled yet)

8. Lunar Wolf Ranger (Wild Force not scheduled yet)
  9. Green Samurai Ranger (Ninja Storm scheduled for Series 2, no word on him yet)
10. White Dino Ranger (Dino Thunder not scheduled yet)

11. Omega Ranger (SPD scheduled for Series 2, no word on him yet)

12. Soaris Knight (Mystic Force scheduled for Series 2, no word yet)

13. Mercury Ranger (Operation Overdrive not scheduled yet)

14. Ranger Gold and Ranger Silver (did not appear in Series 1, will be in Series 2)

15. Gold Samurai Ranger (2 cards in Series 1, could have more cards)

16. Robo Knight (some 'promo toy cards.')
2 or 3 cards per Ranger: 32+ 10 or so Robo Knight cards: 42

[RPM Ranger Gold and Silver, Gold Samurai Ranger and Robo Knight cards provided by]

Megazords and Zords:
1. Dragonzord (no card yet, Battle mode did get card in Series 1)
2. Tigerzord and Mega Tigerzord (no cards yet)
3. Pyramidas
4. Artillatron
5. Mega Winger
6. Max Solarzord
7. Q-Rex
8. Wolf Zord and Predazord
9. Samurai Star Zord
10. Dragozord and Stegazord
11. Omega Max Zord
12. Solar Streak Megazord
13. Flashpoint Megazord
14. Rev Megazord
15. Clawzord (no cards yet)
16. Gosei Ground Megazord (toy promo cards)
Around 32 cards

Extra Heroes:

1. Shadow Ranger (Scheduled for Series 2!!)

2. Magna Defender (Lost Galaxy is scheduled for Series 2, no word on him yet)

3. Sentinel Knight

4. Blue Senturion

5. Wolf Warrior (also count as villain Koragg who will be in series 2)

6. White Mystic Ranger
 7. Dai Shi (villain)
8. Camile (Villain)
9. Kat Ranger

10. Elephant Ranger
11. Bat Ranger
12. Shark Ranger

13. Nova Ranger 
Most villains gets 1 card and the Spirit Rangers might just get 1 card so around 12 or 14 cards.

Extra Hero Megazords:
1. Delta Command Megazord (2 cards)
2. Torozord (2 cards)
3. Robo Racer
5. Wolf Centarus Megazord (2 cards)
6. Lion Spirit Zord
7. Chameleon Spirit Zord
8. Jungle Pride Megazord with Lion and Chameleon
9. Shark Spirit Zord (2 cards)
10. Bat Spirit Zord (2 cards)
11. Elephant Spirit Zord (2 cards)

Final count of 107 cards, they can easily have a series of just Sixth Rangers and Extra Heroes. 


Carlos Z said...

Lavender, please excuse me if I sound like a complete n00b... but where in the world can I buy these cards at/packs at?? I keep on seeing this over the internet and wanna get into it but I dont know where to look for these cards?? PLease help

Lavender Ranger said...

In the card sections of Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart and Toys R Us. They are cheaper at Wal-Mart and expensive at Toys R Us. Series 1 out now. Series 2 out March 30th.

Carlos Z said...

Lavender, THANK YOU so much for pointing me in the right direction. I found them!! At the same time I should give you a big sarcastic "thanks a lot" because now I'm going to be addicted and spending more money, haha. But thanks, for reals, appreciate it Lavender! :)

Micheal Jim said...

I have these cards. And my sons loves to play with them.
Astute card game