Monday, April 1, 2013

April's Fool Jokes and Power Rangers take over Hot Topic

Here are the past April's Fool jokes that Power Rangers (Saban Brands) has done.
Mauve Ranger was posted in 2011 on Power Rangers Facebook. posted this Morphume in 2012.

 Today in 2013 they posted Saban's megaphone on

Power Rangers Action Card Game posted this Putty card with number 2-116 which is clearly a April's Fool joke because there is only 115 cards in Guardians of Justice. But it is a real card, it will be a promo card with the new upcoming Putty action figure.

This is not an April's fool joke but Power Rangers took over with 30% off in the store and online. 

I compiled the pictures from Power Rangers Instagram.
 Red Ranger answered questions on Hot Topic Facebook.

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