Friday, April 5, 2013

Speculation: Saban Brands saving budget for Super Megaforce?

In 2011, I did a post on thinking that Toei cut their budget in order to supply the awesome Gokaiger with such terrific things like new uniforms (over 30 gender change outfits and modernization of old Sentai suits before Bioman), special effects (the 199 heroes movie and Gokaiger vs Gavan), special guest star former rangers (over 40 of them), and much more. So I am thinking Saban Brands is doing a similar thing with Megaforce. Here is my list.

I mentioned this in the last post that the Megaforce Rangers are clearly wearing the same outfits episode in and episode out. The Samurai Rangers had much more wardrobe changes than Megaforce. So I think this is to save money.

Using Goseiger Footage for Cards
Another thing (other than the wardrobe) that fans have been belly aching about is using card footage from Goseiger (which has Kanji and sometimes doesn't match with the American name of the item). Also when the Rangers morph and you see them pose, you see "Gosei Red" for example on the card. Also they used a scene of Alata changing and they changed his red jacket to black. They could had reshoot the cards. One can say they didn't get the actual cards in time but they could had created their own. So I am thinking they are reducing the amount of re-shoots in order to reshoot stuff for Super Megaforce.

This might not be major but SB has definitely saved a lot of money from having costumed villains in the Sentai footage. ALL of the villain footage used in Samurai was from Shinkenger and there was no reshooting. Disney usually reshot villain headquarters and recreated sets, SB hasn't. While the main villains (Xandred, Dayu, Octoroo and Deker) appeared along with PR actors in New Zealand, they didn't appear in a new set or anything. Same thing with Megaforce and presumably in Super Megaforce as well as the Gokaiger villains are also costumed.

So I am thinking they are saving budget for guest stars in Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

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DJ Luongo said...

This isn't much to surprise. Mighty Morphin did the same thing almost, if you watch the show, you can clearly see Zyuranger on the belt buckles and certain weapons