Sunday, May 12, 2013

TentoRaiger: A third Gouraijer for Akibaranger Season 2

For the preview of Episode 7 for Season 2, we see the Gouraijer (Thunder Rangers of Ninja Storm) with Jakanja symbols (the bad guys of Hurricanger) on their chests and a third member.
General Pain has a white figure which looks like a Gouraijer and it might be the new one in question. Maybe he's a monster too.

 Unlike the Gouraijer, he has silver arms and legs but has similar gold armor and knee pads. He had like white 'diapers' and a silver mouthplate. The helmet is similar to Hurricane Yellow's.

So hopefully before Friday we have a better picture. Some people say his color is Gold, I see it more like a mustard.

How Kabutoraijer is a dark version of Hurricane Red, Kuwagataraijer is a darker blue, so it makes sense this would be a dark yellow.

I totally forgot about that fans are grumbling about the Hexagon. What exactly is Hexagon? Well the one behind the Scorpion Rain hoax (along with Derik Smith--it was a bridge from Zeo and Turbo), story editor of Wild Force, "Reinforcements from the Future," and "Forever Red" Amit Bhaumik. Before Disney let everyone go, he made up an idea for the Hurricanger footage for what eventually became Ninja Storm. The idea was called the Hexagon which was going to tie up past plot holes, have different teams of Power Rangers against each other and give the Thunder Rangers a third female Dark Yellow Ranger. So seeing this, fans consider this a shoutout to Amit. On Twitter, he fans the flames, saying it probably is. But I doubt it. Most Sentai crew have no idea that there are American fans and neither does Saban Brands knew we knew about Super Sentai. Anyway fans can dream.

Update 5/18/13 6pm EST:
 Tentoraiger is female and has the symbol of a ladybug. She is played by Nao Nagasawa, who originally played Hurricane Blue in Hurricanger. Tentoraiger gets the other Gouraijer to form the Jakangers as Jakan Yellow.

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Anonymous said...

"The two Beetle Hurricangers (Dark Red and Dark Blue) were to be used as a rogue group of Power Rangers that operated outside of the Hexagon network of superhero teams. As all Power Rangers seasons tried to have at least two female Rangers per season, I certainly didn’t want to break with that tradition and lobbied for the creation of a US-exclusive third Beetle Ranger – probably a Dark Yellow color – female Ranger."