Monday, May 13, 2013

SPOILERS: Super Megaforce #7

 UPDATED 5/15/13 11PM EST
So this week we got some fresh news, some confirmations at guest spots and plenty declines.

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 This picture has Gia and a figure in the middle.

Which I believe is Ninjor.

 Here are the five Megaforce teens and what looks like Basco. But it could be a crewmember with what looks like it.

Fury Diamond says: "Basco was not originally planned for Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Either that photo is a random crew member with a jacket or Basco's character was one of the recent bible changes for the translated Gokaiger concept."
You be the judge.

The six Megaforce Rangers (including Cameron Jebo) and Jason Smith (Casey) next to Gia. Rest of crew. Oh, also the actor who plays Ernie. Andrew Gray is wearing a grey jacket and black shirt with the Pirate symbol.
Here are what we have confirmed as guest spots:
Jason Smith (Casey/Jungle Fury Red) -- featured in episode
Alex Heartman (Jayden) -- possible feature in episode and teamup

Fury Diamond confirms these 9 will show up for shooting in late may:
Jason Faunt (Wes/Time Force Red) -- confirmed by him
Jason David Frank (Tommy) -- hinted by him, canceled appearance at same time of shooting, possible just small cameo
Danny Salvin (Leo/Lost Galaxy Red) 
Melody Perkins (Karone/Lost Galaxy Pink)
Reggie Rolle (Damon/Lost Galaxy Green)
Selwyn Ward (TJ/Turbo Red/Space Blue)
Sean Johnson (Carter/Lightspeed Red)
Hector David Jr (Mike/Samurai Green)
Brittany Pirtle (Emily/Samurai Yellow)\
Najee (Kevin/Samurai Blue)

Possible, not yet confirmed:
Sam Benta (Will/Operation Overdrive Black) -- hinted
 Caitlin Murphy (Ronnie/Operation Overdrive Yellow) -- not sure
Steven Skyler (Antonio/Samurai Gold) -- Hasn't decided yet

Confirmed that not being on the show:
 David Yost (Billy) -- declined
Walter Jones (Zack) -- declined
Steven Cardenas (Rocky) -- declined
Karan Ashley (Aisha) -- declined
Nakia Burrise (Tanya) -- declined (claims it wasn't money issues)
Varlie Vernon (Kendrix/Lost Galaxy Pink) -- declined, time issues
Rhett Fisher (Ryan/Titanium) -- dis-invited
Erin Cahill (Jen/Time Force Pink) -- declined 
   Pua Magasiva (Shane/Red Wind Ranger) -- not invited
Sally Martin (Tori/Blue Wind Ranger) -- not invited
Jason Chan (Cam/Green Samurai Ranger) -- not invited 
Brandon Jay McLaren (Jack/SPD Red) -- not invited
Chris Violette (Sky/SPD Blue/Red) -- not invited
Matt Austin (Bridge/SPD Green/Blue/Red) -- not invited
Melanie Vallejo (Madison/Mystic Force Blue) -- not invited
Richard Brancatisano (Xander/Mystic Force Green) -- not invited
 Rhoda Montemayor (Rose/OO Pink) -- not invited
David De Lautour (RJ/Violet Wolf Ranger) -- not invited
Dan Ewing (Dillon/Ranger Black RPM) -- not invited
Erika Fong (Mia/Samurai Pink) -- Other commitments (doesn't mean she didn't already film the teamup) 
Blake Foster (Justin/Turbo Blue) -- Saban declined, probably didn't have space for him

For more check my buddy Joe Rovang's list, which he says I helped build a base of:



Birgita Ivana said...

Erin Cahlill who played Jen (Time Force) and Valerie Landon (Valerie Vernon) who played Kendrix (Lost Galaxy) was confirmed turn down the invitation too, though they so excited to came :( that's so sad.. But I can understand the reason they cannot came

Jacob Fisher said...

It's not fair that Jason David Frank (Tommy) is being bumped to just a small cameo and Walter Jones (Zack) and David Yost (Billy) diclineing to be on the show. It think Saban really are crushing Power Rangers fans (especially fans of Mighty Morphin', like me.)dreams of having some of are favorite rangers come back for next season. I think that Saban should connsider making a 20th anniversary TV movie with the original cast of Mighty Morphin' back togeter for a team up with the Megaforce cast, and i'm talking every one, including Austin St. John (Jason) and Amy Jo Johnston (Kimberly.

Lavender Ranger said...

For what your proposing, Saban would have to fork over some serious cash.

Battra said...

It's not like he can't afford it, it's an anniversary season spend a little cash to make a quality show.

Jacob Fisher said...

Yes, but i found out that Yost is totally not coming for the reunion. My dreams have been shatherd. Where will Power Rangers go from here? You can't have the original cast of Mighty Morphin' back wiithout Yost, as well as Austin, Amy Jo, and Walter, and Jason David Frank. If Yost dose regrets this, maybe there still might be hope. Who also feels the same way as i? And how who you like to see back if Saban dose happen to get them?