Monday, May 13, 2013

Jushen Zhanjidui

I know I am a little late to the game but I just discovered this. Jefusion reported on this back in November.
 This is a Tokusatsu from China called Jushen Zhanjidui, which means "Giant Gods Battle Attack Team" I think the series began in November and it is still going on.

 There is six members but the series starts out with three members: Red, Green and Blue; the females are Blue and Yellow. Much like the Grandsezar or Goseiger, the team is split into different sub-groups.

 This is them in their cockpit, which I rather like. Red, Green and Blue are part of the Ren (Man) Team, Black and Yellow part of the Sky Team and Purple is the lone wolf of the Earth Team.

 The Sky team controls the Phoneix, Eagle, and Lion Holy Beasts, and can form the Sky Team Robo and the Earth Team controls the Wolf, Dragon, Tortoise, and Tiger Holy Beasts, and can from the Earth Team Robo.

Three mecha are Giant God Team Robot, Giant Land Team Robot, and the Giant Sky Team Robot.

The Ren Team controls the Gorilla, Shark, Boar, Bear, and Bull Holy Beasts, and can form the Giant Team Robo.

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