Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Polls: Super Megaforce / ACG Universe of Hope / Pre-Zyuranger Cards

 Are you shocked to see Pre-Zyuranger Sentai heroes in Megaforce cards for Hope of the Universe? 
  104 (67%)
Not Surprise
  17 (10%)
  32 (20%)
  14 (9%)
  48 (30%)
Bad choice
  26 (16%)

Which Universe of Hope Ranger cards that have been previewed on Facebook do you like the most?
Red Zeo
  36 (36%)
Pink Zeo
  27 (27%)
Zeo Rangers
  45 (45%)
Red LR
  27 (27%)
Red TF
  30 (30%)
Pink TF
  29 (29%)
Green TF
  24 (24%)
Blue TF
  26 (26%)
Yellow TF
  27 (27%)
  46 (46%)
Red NS
  23 (23%)
Blue NS
  26 (26%)
Red DT
  22 (22%)
Black DT
  25 (25%)
White DT
  29 (29%)
  27 (27%)
Triassic Battlizer
  44 (44%)
  28 (28%)
Red JF
  25 (25%)
Blue JF
  20 (20%)
Yellow JF
  20 (20%)
Rhino JF
  28 (28%)
VIolet JF
  31 (31%)
3-022 Red
  18 (18%)
3-011 RK
  19 (19%)
3-009 Yellow
  17 (17%)

 Which Universe of Hope cards that have so far been previewed on Facebook do you like most? 
Lord Zedd
  58 (64%)
  36 (40%)
Q-Rex MZ
  34 (37%)
  30 (33%)
  22 (24%)
  27 (30%)

Are you dissapointed by the lack of Super Megaforce toys at the Licensing Expo? 
  89 (68%)
  36 (27%)
  24 (18%)

What do you think about the Super Megaforce Poster?
  97 (65%)
Better with Silver
  82 (55%)
  15 (10%)
  12 (8%)

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Re'Nell Glover said...

You know what else we should be disappointed by? Vortexx giving up Power Rangers for another Sonic X. Now, I'm also a Sonic fan, but back when Saban was about to launch Vortexx, they announced they were gonna air a Power Rangers season not seen in years: Lost Galaxy. However (and this is the show's 20th anniversary), they pulled the plug on that and replaced it with another Sonic X, a show that has been rerun almost endlessly for 7 years. Now, there are 3 possible reasons for that: 1. The CW had problems with the content in Lost Galaxy, barring Saban from airing any more Power Ranger seasons on their own block (even though Saban owns/programs Vortexx, it has to abide by the CW's Standards and Practices); 2. Sonic X is more popular; 3. they might have an exclusive TV broadcast contract with Nick, banning any other network to air PR. Now, most people are hoping Power Rangers will return to Vortexx on the CW, but I highly doubt it, since we have 3 new shows and 1 classic show about to premiere and return, respectively; there may never be any room for Power Rangers there. Also, I believe Saban would hate to stop airing Sonic X; they may keep it in its current 8am timeslot forever; Bolts & Blip premieres July 13 at 8:30a. Also, no TV network, not even Nick, wants a show that can get low ratings (Power Rangers; Marvin Marvin (which is now canceled, though I never cared for it); T.U.F.F. Puppy; Winx Club, which I don't care for, either; Supah Ninjas (even though it's also canceled, it has returned to Nicktoons and TeenNick in reruns); The Troop; and the like). We're surprised that Nick is still airing Power Rangers, though they're trying to get rid of it, as well. As BurgundyRanger once put it: "Power Rangers is the black sheep of the Nickelodeon/Nicktoons lineup". Face it, networks love to tick us all off for almost no reason at all. And more recently, Nick has been airing bumpers and commercials after show intros (intros for SpongeBob and OddParents; this has happened before) and before the episode starts, just to tick us all off, as well. I think they'll do this randomly for every show; we'll never expect when commercials will appear after the show's intros have ended. If I had my own TV network, I'd definitely pick up Power Rangers and give it better treatment than what Nick has given it and not permanently remove it from the lineup and pretend it never aired, like Vortexx on the CW did. Vortexx might as well remove Power Rangers from the MyVortexx website, since the show's never coming back to the CW. Ever. They've already lost 5 shows (including this show), and might lose more. And when Digimon Fusion comes to Nick, they'll give it the same torture it's given Power Rangers. The now-despised Cartoon Network has enough live action. Let's face it, Power Rangers' days on TV are over; it has a chance outside of TV.