Thursday, June 27, 2013

San Diego Comic Con Exclusive GOLD Power Morpher

What fans have been wanting for years...
Larger Photo:
Bandai says:
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fans, be the first to own the Legacy Power Morpher in a Green Ranger / White Ranger Edition! This Limited Edition is 24 Karat Gold... plated and comes with two Diecast medals.

Available exclusively at the Bandai America booth # 2813 at San Diego Comic Con, July 18-21, 2013. Limited quantities available each day. Only 1000 produced and individually numbered. Visit for more information.
Now a lot of people are kicking themselves for not going to the Comic Con, including me. Yes, the coins are on the wrong sides.

FuryDiamond has a picture of the Exclusive Green Ranger that comes with a coin of all 5 Dinozords for the Legacy Morpher:

So there will also be a gold plated Gosei Morpher with 10 foil cards.


Will Perkowski said...

I dislike this. I understand the point of developing exclusives for the con. But advertising them so far in advance seems rude to the people who can't (for one reason or another) make it to con. I realize it is a stretch, but i would wish that towards the holiday season the 6th legacy morpher gets re-released in not as powerful a stock (gold painted) as perhaps a TRU exclusive... kinda like how they did with the battle fromation from Super samurai last year. (con got the EVERYONE GETS SUPER, Tru got the boys get super)

Rickey Layman said...

Here are my thoughts about it:

Unknown said...

I just wish the Dragon Coin was avalible in a non-limited edition product. That's all I really want. Don't give a damn about Tiger though.