Sunday, June 9, 2013

Power Rangers in South Korea (Super Sentai series under the name)

I covered this before. In South Korea, they aired Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Wild Force dubbed in Korean. In 2004, they started airing Super Sentai under the Power Ranger title. From Abaranger to Go-Onger, they also packaged American Power Ranger toys with Japanese toys. Now since Saban Brands has been late on adaptions, South Korea only releases the Japanese toys.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004)
Abaranger logo in Korea was a carbon-copy of the American Power Rangers Dino Thunder logo. I must repeat that Abaranger was aired, not Dino Thunder itself.

Power Rangers Special Police Delta (2005)
For Dekaranger, they used the Power Rangers SPD logo, SPD stood for a combination of what it meant for Power Rangers and Dekaranger. Dekaranger was Special Police Dekaranger and SPD in Power Rangers was Space Patrol Delta, so in Korea it was Special Police Delta.

Power Rangers Magic Force (2006)
Magiranger called Power Rangers Magic Force and its logo looked more like the M insignia. In 2011, an online game was created using the characters and the name.

Power Rangers Treasure Force (2007)
Boukenger was renamed Treasure Force in Korea. It was not called Operation Overdrive.

Power Rangers Wild Spirits (2008)
Gekiranger logo used and called called Wild Spirits. (I know, irony since Gaoranger was called Jungle Force instead of Gaoranger and Gekiranger was called Wild Spirit instead of Jungle Fury).

Power Rangers Engine Force (2009)
Go-Onger was released as Power Rangers Engine Force with the Go-Onger logo. Just like in Japan, the Go-Onger vs. Gekiranger movie was released but as Power Rangers. 

Power Rangers Jungle Force (2010)
Instead of airing Shinkenger, they skipped it because Shinkenger has too much Japanese infulence and the Koreans hate Japanese. Power Rangers Jungle Force---which is Gaoranger dubbed in Korean. But the toyline is a combination of the Bandai America Power Rangers toyline and the Bandai Japan Super Sentai toyline. Bandai Korea used a different background than Bandai America did, the logo is reminiscent of the Wild Force logo but with the Lion zord more prominent. 

  Power Rangers Miracle Force (2011)
 Goseiger (2010) was not skip and became Miracle Force, embracing the Angel-motif unlike Power Rangers Megaforce.

Power Rangers Captain Force (2012)
 For some odd reason, Gokaiger was called 'Captain Force' instead of Pirates. Maybe because they think the idea of Pirates is too barbaric for children.One thing is the name and the other is the visual. Shinkenger was shown in the series but given another name, Power Rangers Blade Force. 

lionel_B  posted the names in the comments of the South Korean version gave to Goranger to Hurricanger. Most of them are carbon copies of the Sentai names except for Hurricanger is given the name Ninja Storm. Kakuranger is Ninja Ranger because Kaku means Hidden or better understood as Ninja. Check the comments of this post.

Power Rangers Go Bursters (2013)
Go-Busters (2012) is now being packaged in South Korea as Power Rangers Go-Bursters.



lionel_B said...

In Power Rangers : Captain Force :

Goranger >>>> Five Rangers
Jakq >>> Jakq
Battle Fever J >>> Battle Fever J
Denjiman >>> Power Rangers : Power Man
Sun Vulcan >>> Power Rangers : Sun Vulcan
Goggle Five >>> Power Rangers : Goggle Five
Dynaman >>> Power Rangers : Dyna Man
Bioman >>> Power Rangers : Bio Man
Changeman >>> Power Rangers : Change Man
Flashman >>> Power Rangers : Flash Man
Maskman >>> Power Rangers : Mask Man
Liveman >>> Power Rangers : Live Man
Turboranger >>> Power Rangers : Turbo Rangers
Fiveman >>> Power Rangers : Five Man
Jetman >>> Power Rangers : Jet Man
Zyuranger >>> Power Rangers : Mighty Morphin
DaiRanger >>> Power Rangers : Daï Rangers
Kakuranger >>> Power Rangers : Ninja Rangers
Ohranger >>> Power Rangers : Oh Rangers
Carranger >>> Power Rangers : Car Rangers
Megaranger >>> Power Rangers : Mega Rangers
Gingaman >>> Power Rangers : Galaxy Rangers
Go Go V >>> Power Rangers : Go Go V
Timeranger >>> Power Rangers : Time Rangers
Hurricanger >>> Power Rangers : Ninja Storm
Shinkenger >>> Power Rangers : Blade Force

Unknown said...

actually zyuranger became dino ranger for captain force.

Jonathan said...

You know, it's funny, but S. Korea got what we were scared of... a Gokaiger adaptation with characters/teams that have no explanation :D Not really funny for Koreans, but interesting to see how it was handled there.

Lucas said...

actually in Captain Force (according to the Korean version of the Mobirates) Zyuranger is called Dino Ranger

pokegundam2001 said...

Now, they are airing Ninninger in South Korea and it is known as Power Rangers: Ninja Force there. They are also airing Kamen Rider Ghost there as well. I'm not joking. Look on I personally find it odd that Bandai Korea can get away with airing Ninninger and Kamen Rider Ghost there, two series with too much Japanese-influenced elements but they skip Kamen Rider Hibiki, Kamen Rider Gaim, Hurricanger, and Shinkenger instead of airing them because of it. It baffles me.

Unknown said...

Zyuohger in Korea is called Power Rangers Animal Force