Monday, June 10, 2013

Razzle's Power Rangers Megaforce Locations

 UPDATED 6/11/13 9:30 PM EST
Raz (@Razzle1337) has painstaking found the locations in Auckland, New Zealand that Megaforce has shot in. They seem to be unique in that they were not used in Samurai and Super Samurai. He used Google Maps.

A small park/reserve outside the Vector Arena where Gia, Emma and Troy were walking

Aotea Square, used in Prince Takes Knight

He found the same park they used in Who's Crying Now at the end

 here's the ledge that Robo Knight stood on in Auckland in Prince Takes Knight

 Megaforce filming location of Jake and Gia at Mt. Albert Grammar School in Auckland 

Troy at the front of Mt. Albert Grammar School for the first scene of Megaforce

 Better shot of Jake and Gia in Aotea Square in Auckland filming Prince Takes Knight

 The exterior shot of the shopping mall that Ernie's resides in is. It is Botany Town Centre in Auckland.

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marty said...

Wish they should have filmed in Canada instead.