Monday, July 1, 2013

Go-Busters Book Scans

 UPDATED 7/9/13 10:09AM EST
My co-webmaster and Power Force member Mike (@rangercentral) has scanned pages from the Go-Busters yearbook. This covers Super Hero Taisen Z, Go-Busters vs Gokaiger, the Go-Busters movie and the Go-Busters series.

 Usually the suit side views are separate but here they are all grouped together.

Blue Buster
 Blue Buster Powered Up
 Red Buster
 Powered Up Red Buster

Powered Up Yellow Buster

Yellow Buster

Go-Busters Cockpit (Link Fixed)

Megazord Keys

Buddyroid Keys

Metal Heroes Ranger Keys

Dark Buster

 Black Puma

Green Hippo

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rossoeagle said...

I tried to open the Go-Busters cockpit link but it showed the Megazord Keys picture link instead, can you fix it? Thanks.