Wednesday, July 2, 2014 posted new photos of Silver Ranger Role Play Battle Gear

UPDATED 7/3/14
Following brought to my attention from @Pocky Bandit has posted new promo photos of...
Operation Overdrive Cycle
Promo shows Lightspeed key but hopefully it comes with Operation Overdrive key.
Turbo Cycle with Silver Ranger figure
Photo shows Wild Force and Lightspeed keys but hopefully it will have Turbo Key. I don't like Silver Ranger coming with the Turbo Cycle, should have been with OO since OO had a Silver Ranger and Turbo didn't, Turbo could had been red.

Jungle Fury Cycle with Blue Ranger Figure
Two pictures show it with Wild Force and Lightspeed Keys, hopefully it will come with the Jungle Fury Red Ranger Key.
Ninja Zord
It is said to come with two keys. The key is not clear in the pictures, looks to be to be Wild Force Red. Since it has a Power Rangers in Space Mega Winger mode, I think the two keys will be In Space and Ninja Storm.

Legendary Silver Morpher
I have the Gokai Cellular and this one has same basic colors but missing the red anchor (which always comes off) and the inside background is black, the original has a Silver symbol and phone symbols.

Silver Ranger Hero Set
Comes with Super Mega Silver Key, I am guessing this will be a Zord Builder key and since Silver doesn't seem to come in a Legendary Multipack so I guess that's all we are getting.
Super Silver Spear
The promo pic has Robo Knight key and it does indeed come with it. People have bought it and shown it to the fandom.
FuryDiamond found images of the wave 5 and 6 Figures on the Amazon photo server:
These include:
Red Alien Ranger
Red Lost Galaxy Ranger
Red Time Force Ranger
Red Super Samurai Ranger
White Mighty Morphin Ranger
Gold Zeo Ranger
Titanium Ranger
Quantum Ranger
Green Samurai Ranger
Lunar Wolf Ranger

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