Sunday, July 27, 2014

Skirts on Ranger Keys

I couldn't start this post until I saw more female keys and thanks to the Toys R Us Exclusives in 2015, we are getting more but not all. Now here is a curious thing, some promo pictures show the keys with skirts and they don't come with them. Some prototypes of Pink Rangers that have skirts don't come with the line. Some pictures are from Ranger Crew Blog, Megaforce Cast and Ranger Crew Facebook, thank you to Fury Diamond.

Wave 2 and 4 Keys
In the promo RPM Yellow and Ninja Storm Blue have skirt lines but the actual keys do not. Yellow Jungle Fury and Zeo Yellow who have skirts in real life do not have them on their keys at all. Top is promotional photos and bottom is the actual keys. The one to the left is from Rangercrew and the ones to the right are mine.

 Super Megaforce and Mighty Morphin
The promo for Super Megaforce Line had the skirt design but the actual key does not. Pink did not have the design on any of her promo pics that I know of. Both Rangers have skirts on the show.
As for MMPR, Pink had a skirt and Yellow originally had no skirt and no skirt is seen on any of her keys. The Mighty Morphin SDCC 2014 exclusive metallic pink ranger key has a skirt (thanks to Fury Diamond for the pic) but in the promo pic she does not. Neither does Mighty Morphin Pink and Yellow keys displayed at the Bandai booth this year. The top photos are the promotional photos and the bottom left is my photo and the bottom right are from Rangercrew.
Above left picture from Megaforcecast/Rangercrew. At the SDCC 2014 and promotional pic, MM Pink has no skirt but in the actual product that comes in the MMPR Set D in late 2014 she has a skirt.

  SDCC 2013 Prototypes
I am referring to these as prototypes until further notice. Most of these pics are from TokuNation. Above are Lost Galaxy Pink, Aquitar White, Turbo Pink, RPM Silver, Time Pink, Wild Force White, Space Yellow and Space Pink. All photos from Tokunation. Lost Galaxy, Turbo and Space Pink had skirts on the show, as well as Space Yellow and RPM Silver but these prototypes had no skirts. Wild Force White, Aquitar White and Time Force Pink had skirts and have lines on the keys. All these keys except for Wild Force White and Space Pink appeared at SDCC 2014 and they remained the same. Operation Overdrive Yellow was also there but I forgot to put her on the pic.
SDCC 2014 Prototypes on Display
All above pictures from Megaforce Cast, I put RPM Yellow to show it has no skirt and it is like our keys. Pink Zeo, Yellow OO, Samurai Pink and Mystic White had skirts on the show. Out of all these keys, only Samurai Pink has a skirt. In this picture you can see Zeo Pink, Lost Galaxy Yellow, SPD Pink, Operation Overdrive Yellow, Samurai Pink, Wild Force Yellow, Mystic Force White, and RPM Yellow.
SDCC 2014 Banner Keys
At San Diego Comic Con, Bandai had posters and banners of other keys unreleased and not on display. All these pics form Megaforce Cast, in this picture you can see Mystic Force Blue, Mystic Force Pink, SPD Yellow, Dino Thunder Yellow, Megaforce Yellow and Lauren (Samurai Red). Mystic Force girls, Megaforce Yellow and Lauren have skirts on the show and they have them on these keys. Yellow Dino has a skirt on the show but not on the key on the poster from what I can tell. Lauren has been teased but hasn't been released yet.

Toys R Us 20 Key Set
Yellow Dino Thunder, Pink Turbo and Pink Zeo had no skirts in the promotional image but on the actual keys, they have skirts. Can't find a bigger pic for Yellow Dino (so she's Ant-Man in this scenario). Yellow Dino has a black skirt, Pink Zeo has a gold skirt and Pink Turbo has a white skirt. Pink Turbo also comes in the Turbo Set B and Pink Zeo comes in Zeo Set B.

Wave 6/Wave 1 of 2015
Yellow Lost Galaxy and SPD Pink come with their second packs and have no skirts as their real counterparts don't have. White Aquitar has a skirt (as she had at both SDCC). RPM Silver and Mystic White have skirts in real life but not on the keys. Both RPM Silver and White Mystic Japanese Keys (Go-On Silver and MagiMother) had no skirts.  The Alien Ranger and Lost Galaxy Set B are now available at Toys R Us.

Wave 7/Wave 2 of 2015
Yellow Wild Force come with their second packs and have no skirts as their real counterparts don't have. Yellow OO and In Space Yellow keys have skirts (even though their SDCC keys didn't have skirts). Samurai Pink and Time Force Pink have skirts just like their SDCC counterparts. As of April 2015, Operation Overdrive, Wild Force, Samurai, Space and Time Force have been found in select Toys R Us.
So why is this a big deal?
It's not. It is just interesting to talk about. I always like the difference from prototype to actual product.

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