Sunday, July 27, 2014

Green Samurai Ranger/Shurikenger's changing shade of Green

UPDATED 7/28/14
Picture above is from FuryDiamond at Megaforce Cast and it was taken at the San Diego Comic Con 2014. The Green Samurai Ranger (Ninja Storm) is a lighter shade of green than the other green keys. I lighten up the pic a bit but FuryDiamond confirms it is lighter shade.

Above is an advertisement from 2011 of Ranger Keys for Gokaiger in Japan. The Shurikenger (Green Samurai Ranger) key is a darker and more muted shade than Dragonranger (Mighty Morphin Green Ranger).

Here are Japanese pictures of the Shurikenger key which I do not own. Some are dark and the one to the left is lighter shade. By all accounts, fans have had no problem with this shade. I am not sure if it matches with other green keys.

Above pic at left is a Ranger Key picture from of Shurikenger Ranger Key and it indeed is lighter. The above pic at right is from, it is from the Ranger Key app. It is indeed a lighter shade than the other green keys. It is the same shade as the Dice-O illustration. They might be following this color.

But the show props are the same shade. This is from a Gokaiger Ranger Key book.

Remember when I thought this green thing in the treasure box at SDCC 2013 was Camille?

Well it must have been Green Samurai Ranger by the color shade!

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[Above photos from Megaforce Cast]
(Unreleased in Bold)
- Red (23 keys: Red Rangers, Quantum and Lauren)
- Crimson (One key: Crimson Ranger)
- Navy (One key: Navy Ranger)
- Blue (16: Mighty Morphin, Zeo to Wild Force, Dino Thunder, SPD, OO to Super Megaforce)
- Cyan (3: Alien, Mystic Force, Ninja Storm)
- Teal (One Key: Shadow Ranger)
- Azure (One key: Blue Senturion)
- Royal Blue (One key: Ninjor)
- Yellow (More than 10 hopefully: Mighty Morphin, Aquitar, Zeo, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Wild Force, Ninja Storm, Mystic Force, Jungle Fury, RPM, Megaforce, Super Megaforce)
- Green (11: Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Turbo, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed, Time Force, SPD, Mystic Force, RPM, Samurai, Super Megaforce)
- Pink (More than 10 hopefully: Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Turbo, Lost Galaxy, Time Force, SPD, Mystic Force, Samurai, Megaforce, Super Megaforce)
- White (7: Mighty Morphin, Aquitar, Wild Force, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force, Jungle Fury)
- Silver (6: Lightspeed, Wild Force, Operation Overdrive, RPM, Megaforce, Super Megaforce)
- Gold (3: Mystic Force, RPM, Samurai)
- Violet (One Key: Violet Ranger)
- Black (10: Mighty Morphin, Aquitar, Zeo, Turbo, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Wild Force, Operation Overdrive, RPM, Megaforce)
- Metallic: [Super Megaforce Red, SDCC Exclusive Mighty Morphin Red, Blue, Black, Pink, Yellow, Green and White]
- Translucent: [Super Megaforce Red (Legendary Megazord)]
- Translucent and Glittery: [Super Megaforce Red (TRU Training Set), Super Megaforce Silver (TRU Training Set), Mighty Morphin Green (SDCC Exclusive handout)]
- Special all one color: (SDCC Exclusive Super Megaforce Red Handout, Halloween Costume Blue, Halloween Costume Pink, Halloween Costume Silver)

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