Friday, July 19, 2013

US Ranger Key Identifications

 UPDATED 7/20/13 11AM
So it can be safe to say there is around 50 Ranger Keys already created. Picture thanks to Fury Diamond of The identification of Dino Thunder Yellow to pal and fellow Power Force Member Linear Ranger of
SPD - Yellow
Time Force - Red
Mighty Morphin - Pink
Lost Galaxy - Blue
Ninja Storm - Blue
Megaforce - Yellow
Megaforce - Blue 
Megaforce - Robo Knight
Wild Force - Lunar Wolf
Turbo - Green
Samurai - Red
Alien - Red

Ninja Storm - Navy

Dino Thunder - Red
Alien - Black (With a light green thing near it. Gum? Or Camille?)
UPDATE I'm nuts? Could it be her 'ponytail' or her foot or the back of her leg? Or is it just gum?
Dairanger - Pink

Not for sure:
Dairanger or Zeo - Blue
Dino Thunder - Yellow (or could be something else)
Alien or Dairanger - Yellow

Updated chart


Anonymous said...

You keep leaving crimson ninja storm ranger out

spawa02 said...

I'm not sure if my first comment made it through, but I believe you forgot to highlight the Crimson Ranger from Ninja Storm on the chart, and btw, great job on the chart!