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20-11: Lavender Ranger's Top 100 Power Rangers Episodes

This episodes were accumulated by a mixture of two questionnaires I did, polls on the blog and ranking of best seasons. For example, the top 5 seasons were voted by you guys to be MMPR, In Space, RPM, Time Force and Zeo. Then with that base, they were ranked up and down and mixed up. I know not everyone will agree with the order nor which episodes were picked but I think these pretty much sum up what we love about Power Rangers.

20. Hogday Afternoon Part 1 & 2 (MMPR)
This two-parter almost did not end up in the top 20 but I think it is too important to ignore. It was an end of an era. The Power Coins (either Ninja or Dino was not clear) were gone and the Command Center was blown up, which was the coolest moment in children's television ever. Not only it ended the Alien Ranger saga, but also the Mighty Morphin name all together and it was also Yellow Ranger-centered episodes. Aisha was out, Tanya was in and Zeo was up next.

19. Wild West Rangers Part 1 & 2 (MMPR)
One of my favorite two-parter of season two and notice that The Wedding two-parter isn't here. As important as Rita and Zedd's wedding was, it was mostly suit actors running around a theater with bad effects and re-hashed megazord battles. Wild West Rangers gave us a funny twist to the time traveling trope and Kimberly as leader, also cool western-twist to the Power Ranger suits. The tortured twists to the ancestor's name and the wrong colors shining on the Power Coins were forgivable.

18. Belly of the Beast (RPM)
This episode was the last headed by Eddie Guzelian who was the executive producer until he was let go and replaced with Judd Lynn. In this episode, the Rangers return to a factory to destroy the Doomsday bot but end up reprogramming it into Whale Zord. Dillon and Summer almost kiss in the episode, much like Jen and Wes. Tommy and Kim actually kissed.
17. The Power Transfer Part 1 & 2 (MMPR)
 I was 12 during season 2 and I noticed quickly that Jason, Zack and Trini weren't around anymore and footage and the back of replacement actors were inserted. When Aisha, Rocky and Adam came in
"The Ninja Encounter," it was pretty obvious they were the replacements. But it was forgivable as they gave us a couple of episodes to transition from one to another. But the end where the previous trio was sent away so quickly was a bit bittersweet but it was killer to see Serperntera premiere. The pyramids and weird imagery of the planet was strange until I watched Dairanger.

16. Lost and Found in Translation (Dino Thunder)
 Some might be wondering why this episode is here but to be honest when I first saw it, I was upset. I was upset because I had discovered Super Sentai in 1999 and watched many of the Sentai series from Gaoranger and on before the Power Rangers adaption and I felt it was blasphemy to say they were watching Japanese Power Rangers when it originated in Japan. But now in retrospect, I see it as trying to get fans that were not into Sentai to give it a try. Connor at first is not for what he sees (Abaranger, which was a pretty goofy and dark series to start with) because it is 'goofy' but then gets into it. ABC Family promotion made it sound like the actual Sentai actors would be in the show interacting with the Power Rangers but Doug Sloan online clarified it wasn't the case.

 15. Green Candle Parts 1 & 2 (MMPR) 
We discover that when Tommy was under Rita's evil spell, he touched some kind of wax that we never really saw and she made a candle form it that will take his power away. Tommy worries about asking Kim on a date and at the end, losing his powers, he gets a yes from her and a kiss as well. I like that these two episodes not only highlighted Tommy but also aspects of the other Rangers. For example, Billy used his smarts to make a portal to the Dark Dimension, Jason didn't want to give up on Tommy when fighting Goldar, Zack used his reasoning skills to get Jason out of the Dark Dimension and Kimberly was a supportive girlfriend and a strong woman as well. Trini's only highlight here is getting rid of Bulk and Skull but at least it worked.
14. Green No More Part 1 & 2 (MMPR)
 With a confusing time plot hole, Tommy's tenure as the Green Ranger is rendered moot and with Goldar to boot. I'm rhyming again, I know. I didn't want the Green Ranger to dominate the majority of the top 20 but the episodes kept staying in the top 20. As a kid I wasn't a big fan of Tommy but I have to admit these episodes were one of the best moments of the first few seasons.

13. Changing of the Zords Parts 1 & 2 (MMPR) 
 While I didn't consider it that important, fans did vote it up to the top 20. It originally was in the 20's. The biggest thing is Lord Zedd entering the Command Center which rocked our world. He had Kimberly as ransom and wanted the Rangers to pilot his new Shogunzords but we all know what happened in the end.

 12. Return of an Old Friend Parts 1 & 2 (MMPR)
 Rita's most evil plot yet, she kidnaps the Rangers' parents and they give up their coins in a very emotional scene. But the one gleam of hope is that Jason still has the Dragon coin, we all yelped when we saw it, admit it. So Tommy returned, but with limited power but we were all happy he came back, complete with tan.

11. Rangers Gone Psycho (In Space)
This one kept going up the countdown, it started somewhere in the 30's and came up here. It only established the Psycho Ranger saga but I guess fans just can't let it go. If you haven't seen it, basically Astronema has been brainwashed to be evil and to distract her brother Andros, she sends five evil Rangers that take info from the Rangers to learn how to fight them.

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