Wednesday, July 17, 2013

TokuNation's SDCC Bandai Booth Pictures: RANGER KEYS

UPDATED 7/23/13
New Pics thanks to FuryDiamond of

Check out all the pics at TokuNation, but I am mostly talking about the Ranger Keys...
RPM Silver, SPD Green, Time Force Pink, Gold Zeo Ranger, Yellow Aquitar Ranger, Green Mystic, Blue Wild Force..

Yellow Aquitar Ranger, Green Mystic Ranger, Blue Wild Force, Mercury Ranger, Red Lost Galaxy Ranger
Pink Turbo, MM Red, Super Megaforce Blue, RPM Silver, SPD Green, Pink Time Force, Gold Ranger

Red Turbo, Blue RPM, Pink Galaxy, Black Megaforce, Green Time Force, White Aquitar

Black OO, Mystic Yellow, RPM Ranger Green, White Wild Force, Violet Wolf Ranger (Jungle Fury)

RPM Ranger Green, White Wild Force, Violet Wolf Ranger (Jungle Fury), RPM Black, Red OO, Yellow Space Ranger

RPM Black, OO Red, Yellow Space, Crimson Ranger (NS)

Green Time Force, White Aquitar, Yellow OO, Red Space, Solaris Knight (Mystic Force)

On the box are Pink Space, Shishiranger from Dairanger, Gold Samurai, White Dino Ranger (DT), Shadow Ranger (SPD), Yellow Wind Ranger (NS). In the box I see Red Aquitar Red Time Force, Red Samurai, Robo Knight, Silver Space Ranger, Green Lightspeed, Green Turbo, Blue Megaforce Ranger, Black Aquitar Ranger, and either Blue Aquitar, Ninja Storm or Mystic Force Ranger.

 Inside you can see Lunar Wolf Ranger, Blue Galaxy Ranger, Pink Mighty Morphin Ranger, Yellow Megaforce Ranger, Red Time Force Ranger, Blue Megaforce Ranger, Green Lightspeed Ranger, Black Aquitar Ranger, Red Aquitar Ranger, Green Turbo Ranger (closedup), Red Samurai Ranger and Robo Knight.

OJO! Henshin Justice video comparing Japanese keys to the US Keys:

 Henshin Justice Unlimited shows that Bandai replaced the green Dairanger (Shishiranger) with the Lunar Wolf Ranger Key.

Initial feelings:
I knew they will make new molds. I thought they were fat but people who saw them up close says they are smaller. HenshinJustice shows that they are actually a little bigger than half of the Japanese keys. I don't like the broader shoulders. I do like the details on them. In the Space Rangers, they just have white stripes while the Operation Overdrive and RPM ones have more detail than their Japanese Gashapon counterparts. Also great they will have a treasure box available. The Morpher for now is called Legendary Morpher and the Megazord is Legendary Megazord. As for Shishiranger from Dairanger? Awesome! I am glad they have Extra Heroes and Sixth Rangers among this. Maybe Titanium Ranger comes around through SDCC next year. But glad we see Aquitar and female Rangers.

 Also I notice that only some female keys have the skirt line. In Sentai, it was only the ones that has skirts had skirt lines but here Pink Turbo, Pink Space, Yellow Space and Pink Lost Galaxy have no skirt lines. White Aquitar, White Wild Force and Pink Time Force indeed have skirts.

Because I am obsessed, here is my chart on the ones spotted:

  There was a lot Aquitar, Space and RPM keys displayed, I am surprised the Samurai ones were not highlighted but in the treasure box. I am glad the Aquitar Rangers and Violet Ranger were highlighted.


Will Perkowski said...

any word whether legendary megazord has compartments for its legend powers?

it looks to me like we get the omni port on the side again... i may just buy the auxillaries

swimrec21 said...

Stupid Ranger Keys... not looking forward to those

gyan said...

My theory is that the ranger keys are so big because the sound conponents might be in the keys and not the mobirate. That's my only reason for seeing why they would change the key molds.

Bruce said...

Check the belt areas of the Ranger Keys. I think they have a spring-loaded mechanism to better replicate how they open up in the show.

G Money said...

I wonder what sound the legend morpher would make when you but the dairangers (star force) keys in?