Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SPOILERS: Power Rangers Super Megaforce #14

More photos from JDF of the Mega War. Here is his daughter kissing the silver stripe helmet.

The 11 Veteran Rangers (only ones, no other actors returned) Hector David Jr. (Mike), Selwyn Ward (TJ), Patricia Ja Lee (Cassie), Jason Faunt (Wes), Sean Cw Johnson (Carter), Jason David Frank (Tommy), Reggie Rolle (Domon), Brittany P (Emily), Melody Perkins (Karone), and Danny Slavin (Leo).

Stuntmen in costumes of Yellow Zeo Ranger, Quantum Ranger, Green Zeo and Blue Zeo.
Yellow is another we have not seen so glad to add her to the list.

JDF showing the stunthguy that the belt morpher is the wrong color. Stunt people left to right: Pink Operation Overdrive, Blue SPD, Black OO, Silver Mega (Yellow behind them), Pink SPD (leg), Green MMPR, Blue Space (leg), Magna Defender and Red Lost Galaxy.

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