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TOP 10 EPISODES: Lavender Ranger's Top 100 Power Rangers Episodes

This episodes were accumulated by a mixture of two questionnaires I did, polls on the blog and ranking of best seasons. For example, the top 5 seasons were voted by you guys to be MMPR, In Space, RPM, Time Force and Zeo. Then with that base, they were ranked up and down and mixed up. I know not everyone will agree with the order nor which episodes were picked but I think these pretty much sum up what we love about Power Rangers. I believe these episodes also had superb acting, writing and moments. Some changed the genre and some stuck to it. Most of them just rocked our worlds.

100. A Father's Footsteps (Wild Force)
99. Down and Dirty (Ninja Storm)
98. Stranger Within Part 1 & 2 (Mystic Force)
97. A Gem of a day (Ninja Storm)
96. Out of Luck (Operation Overdrive)
95. Light Source (Mystic Force)
94. Things Not Said (Operation Overdrive)
93. Forest for the Trees (Samurai)
92. Sticks and Stones (Samurai)
91. To Earn Your Stripes (Jungle Fury)
90. Welcome to the Jungle (Jungle Fury)
89. Legendary Catastros (Mystic Force)
88. Lionheart (PRWF)
87. The Strange Case of the Munchies (Super Samurai)
86. Curse of the Wolf (PRWF)
85. Gate Keeper (Mystic Force)
84. Fight Fire with Fire (Super Samurai)
83. Clash of the Red Rangers (Samurai)
82. Return of Thunder Part 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Ninja Storm)
81. Clash of the Megazords (Turbo)
80. Double-Edged Blake (Ninja Storm)

79. Burning at Both Ends (PRDT)
78. A Matter of Trust (PRLR)
77. Pizza Slice of Life (Jungle Fury)
76. Party Monsters (Samurai)
75. Bad to the Bone (Jungle Fury)
74. The Lone Wolf (PRWF)
73. Shift into Turbo Parts 1, 2 & 3
72. The Thunder Strangers Part 1, 2 & 3 (Ninja Storm)
71. Prelude to a Storm (Ninja Storm)
70. Ryan's Destiny (PRLR)
69. Destined for Greatness (PRLR)
68. Robo Knight (Megaforce)
67. Mega Mission (Megaforce)
66. A-Bridged (SPD)

65. Trial By Fire (PRLR)
64. Perception (SPD)
63. Facing the Past (PRLR)
62. From Deep in the Shadows (PRLR)
61. The Mighty Mega Battles (PRLR)
60. Katastrophe (SPD)
59. Beginnings Part 1 & 2 (SPD)
58. Wormhole (SPD)
57. History (SPD)
56. Passing the Torch (Turbo)
55. Endings Part 1 & 2 (SPD)
54. Legacy of Power (PRDT)
53. Back in Black (PRDT)
52. Reinforcements from the Future Part 1 & 2 (PRWF)
51. Chase into Space Part 1 & 2 (Turbo)

50. Ranger Yellow Part 1 and 2 (RPM)
49. Something to Fight for (Time Force)
48. Season to Remember (Zeo)
47. Frax's Fury (Time Force)
46. Dawn of Destiny (Time Force)
45. Dark Specter's Revenge (In Space)
44. Force from the Future (Time Force)
43. The Power of Gold (Zeo)
42. Good as Gold (Zeo)
41. Danger and Destiny (RPM)
40. Quantum's Secrets (Time Force)
39. Rescue Mission (Lost Galaxy)
38. A Zeo Beginning Parts 1 & 2 (Zeo)
37. Journey's End Part 1, 2 & 3 (Lost Galaxy)
36. Escape the Lost Galaxy


35. From Out of Nowhere Part 1 & 2 (In Space)
34. Fowl Play in the Sky (MMPR)
33. In or Out (RPM)
32. Not So Simple (RPM)
31. A Date with Danger (In Space)
30. When is a Ranger not a Ranger? (MMPR)
29. Shell Shocked (In Space)
28. Doomsday Part 1 & 2 (MMPR)
27. Alien Rangers of Aquitar (MMPR)
26. Road to Cornith Part 1 & 2 (RPM)
25. Different Shade of Pink (MMPR)
24. Always A Chance (In Space)
23. Fighting Spirit (PRDT)
22. Ninja Quest Parts 1, 2 & 3 (MMPR)
21. Return of the Green Ranger Part 1 & 2(MMPR)

20. Hogday Afternoon Part 1 & 2 (MMPR)
19. Wild West Rangers Part 1 & 2 (MMPR)
18. Belly of the Beast (RPM)
17. The Power Transfer Part 1 & 2 (MMPR)
16. Lost and Found in Translation (PRDT)
15. Green Candle Parts 1 & 2 (MMPR)
14. Green No More Part 1 & 2 (MMPR)
13. Changing of the zords (MMPR)
12. Return of an Old Friend Parts 1 & 2 (MMPR)
11. Rangers Gone Psycho (In Space)

Here we go, the top ten...
10. White Light Part 1 & 2 (MMPR) 
There were bets in the playground to who was going to be the White Ranger. Fans wanted it to be Tommy very badly. There was sighs of relief when the White Ranger took off his helmet in the Command Center. Originally Brad Hawkins (Ryan of VR Troopers) was set to be the White Ranger and Jason David Frank was to have his own show but because of Tommy's popularity, they switched places. JDF (at the Florida Supercon last week--July 5, 2013) thinks everything turned out fine. A moderator at Florida Supercon joked, "Maybe Brad Hawkins doesn't." As much as I love Hawkins, I think so too.

 9. The End of Time Part 1 & 2 (Time Force)
At first these two episodes were at 19 but quickly went up, it was at 6 for a while until getting comfortable at nine. The finale of Time Force follows its counterpart of Timeranger with the opening of vortexes but similarities end there with Eric not dying, Nadira helping with the birth of a child and Ransik's battle with the Rangers. We also see Ransik's Toxie-like face. Time Force was a dark but delightful season. One gripe is that we never saw Jen and Wes kiss but that is what made the relationship powerful, leaving it to our imaginations. Also Wes makes up with his dad and joins the Silver Guardians.

 8. Green with Evil Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (MMPR)
The first sixteen episodes established the world of the Power Rangers and day in and day out routine. The first part of Green With Evil shook all that and Green Ranger rocked our whole world. Let's admit that Tommy was way better when he was evil, why else would they bring back the 'evil' Tommy back so often? Dragonzord came in the last episode but still pretty memorable. Best multi-parter ever. These episodes fluctuated from top 5 to the teens and then rested at 8.

 7. Day of the Dumpster (MMPR)
The episode that started it all. We all know about the pilot with Audry Dubois but there were other scenes shot for this episode and some shots were still used from the pilot. There is a reason why “When Is A Ranger Not A Ranger?” and “Mega Mission” mirrored some dialogue from this episode because, they are well remembered by us. The episode established the rules of the majority filler episodes such as the civilian battle against grunts, the morphing sequence, fighting grunts in suits, fighting the monster of the day, the said monster growing, it being defeated by zords and the wrap-up. The episode was in the top 10, then stayed in the teens for a while and I had to pull it editorially into the top ten. 

6. Once A Ranger Parts 1 & 2 (Operation Overdrive)
While Operation Overdrive was a disliked and was disappointing in writing, acting and overall tone. This episode was a delight to see many former rangers return, especially the now adult Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam.  Like I said before, teamups rank pretty high for fans. Lord Zedd and Rita's son Thrax (who we have no idea how came to being) allies the four villain organizations and take away the Overdrive Ranger powers. Sentinel Knight puts together a team of five veteran Rangers: basically the last four Disney Seasons and one ranger from the MMPR. This two-parter started out in the middle of the countdown but you guys voted it up all the way to the top ten.

 5. Forever Red (Wild Force)
Considered one of the best episodes but it is one of the most debated because the powers, in how they got them back. I don't really care. What I do care about is the Beetleborg suits used as part of the Machine Empire but it doesn't seem to bug many people. Also bothering people is the CGI Serperntera and its size, also it being destroyed by Cole on a motorcycle. So basically Cole is recruited by past Red Rangers to fight the Machine Empire on the Moon who plan to use Lord Zedd's Serpentera to take over the Earth.

4. Power of Pink (Lost Galaxy)
 The second part of the In Space/Lost Galaxy teamup, it has what is considered the first death in Power Rangers but technically Mike was thought to be dead in the first two-parter of Lost Galaxy and Magna Defender dying eariler on. But unlike Mike and Kendrix, Magna Defender stayed dead. The death of the Kendrix did rock our world. Cassie was meant to take Kendrix's place hence her dancing on the Wildcat Galactabeast. But ultimately Karone took her place and an ending had to be reshot with the Space Rangers in suits.

3. To the Tenth Power (Lost Galaxy)
In the polls, this was number one. Considered the first teamup ever but "Ranger from Two Worlds" was technically the first teamup, with between the Zeo and Aquitar Rangers. But this was the first one that became a yearly tradition, to be interrupted here and there either because of money or guild problems. The Space Rangers return to help fight the Psycho Rangers who cause a lot of trouble.

 2. The Mutiny Parts 1, 2, & 3 (MMPR)
I don't think it is right to not have at least ONE Mighty Morphin episode in the top five at least. Our whole world view was shook when Lord Zedd arrived and rocked it. Parents complained that Lord Zedd was too scary for kids but all he did was have a snake on him, shake around his staff and used his red vision to see the Earth. Also cool in this episode was seeing the Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord turning against the Rangers, those easy to defeat putties, the Rangers without helmets in the Command Center, the Rangers on ATVs, Bulk and Skull's new mission to discover the Rangers' identities and of course, the Thunderzords.

1. Countdown to Destruction Part 1 & 2 (In Space)

The number one quoted multi-parter ever, I believe that fans hold these two episodes up to anything that comes after it. It also causes controversy among fans over Zordon's energy wave that annihilated all past villains but did not wipe out any future space aliens we after this episode. Not only the Space Rangers fight the forces of Dark Specter but the Alien Rangers, Phantom Ranger, Blue Senturion and Gold Ranger fight on other planets. It is like everything that happened in the past six seasons accumulated at this end. And when people criticize Jonathan Tzachor, I remind them that he directed this two-parter.


DaiRed1987 said...

i agree mostly with the top ten but anything related to season 2 of MMPR I hate cause the Dairanger (my favorite sentai season) suits

Re'Nell Glover said...

You know, this is a great way to celebrate this show's 20th anniversary, though I'm sure many fans will have their own opinions on what their favorite 100 episodes are.

Lavender Ranger said...

Thank you both

twells said...

In terms of writing, any RPM episode beats any episode in this top ten. The Nostalgia Lens is strong with this one.

Tomos Burton said...

I don't really want to see kissing in Tokusatsu unless it's done tastefully. In Doctor Who it was pretty irritating.