Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Power Rangers Action Card Game dead but not forgotten

Some people, including me, really loved the Power Rangers Action Card Game that started in 2013. We were told there was going to be Series 5 and Series 6 but unfortunately Series 5 ended up in Europe only. Some people at Bandai say that the reason the Card line was canceled because 'one gimmick' a year. Since Megaforce's first season was based on Goseiger and it was about cards, they did cards in 2013 and since Megaforce's second season was based on Gokaiger and it has keys, this year is just the keys. I was hoping the cards would continue as it was not only about the Gosei Morpher but also about the game. Some cons even had competitions like Rangerstop in Orlando in November. Above image is from the now canceled 'Keepers of Hope' Series 6.
But there is some good news. Bandai will have an 'Action Card Game' Championship at Power Morphicon in Pasadena, California on Sunday August 24. They will also be giving out promotional cards. More info on their Facebook page. So as much as I love the Ranger Keys, I do miss the cards. My nephew was hoping for Super Megaforce cards.

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