Monday, October 27, 2014

Toy Week: Training Sets

Since Halloween is upon us, I figured I'd cover the masks and training sets that were available for kids through the years. Japan has had masks for practically every Sentai but Power Rangers had it only for Halloween until SPD (2005).

Power Rangers SPD Academy Training Set
The first of the Training sets, with  Red mask, not show accurate with gold badge on helmet. Came with a hostler, belt buckle and two blasters.

Omega Ranger Academy Training Set
Omega Ranger got one too, not sure if Blue did. It came with belt buckle, hostler, one repainted blaster and Omega Morpher. Mask is more or less show accurate. 

Mystic Force Training Sets
 Red and Green sets, each came with masks, cape smock, ranger-color morphers and Magi Staffs. Red came with a generic buckle and Green came with a thunder bolt badge.

Solaris Knight Training Set
Solaris Knight mask (not show accurate), smock, buckle, morpher and repainted Mystic Staff.

 Titan Megazord Training Set
The Phoenix Titan came with a smock, mask, Titan Megazord sword, buckle and Solaris Knight buckle. The first set to be a zord.

Red Operation Overdrive Academy Training Set
Repainted SPD blaster, Red OO smock, mask, buckle and Overdrive Tracker.

Mercury Ranger Academy Training Set
Mercury Ranger mask, smock, morpher and buckle with repainted SPD blaster.

 Red Sentinel Ranger Training Set
Red Sentinel Ranger (Battlizer) mask, smock, morpher and badge with Red and Sentinel Knight. SPD Blaster was repainted again.

Red Tiger Training Set
Red Jungle Fury Ranger with mask, smock, nunchucks and buckle.

Blue Jaguar Training Set
Blue Jungle Fury Ranger with mask, smock (sigh) repainted nunchucks and buckle.

 Jungle Master Rhino Ranger Training Set
Rhino Ranger mask, smock, buckle and morpher/claw.

 Power Rangers RPM Red Ranger Rally Crew Set
Came with Red mask, morpher, sword, blaster, buckle and card.

 Power Rangers RPM Red Ranger Rally Crew Set
Came with Blue mask, blaster, blue individual weapon, yellow individual weapon, morpher, buckle and card.

Gold RPM Ranger Engine Crew Set
Came with Gold Ranger mask, Cloud Hatchet, Morpher, buckle and the other weapon. Gold Ranger did not get a Halloween costume.

 Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Training Set
Came with blaster, mask, sword, morpher and lord zedd prop back in 2010.

Red Ranger Training Gear
There was different versions of this, smaller to bigger, Toys R Us exclusive too. 

 Blue Ranger Training Gear
This one came with the Hydro Bow.

 Gold Samurai Ranger Training Gear
Came with all pictured, I think there was a simple one and deluxe one. 

 Red Megaforce Training Gear
A lot of versions of this, small, bigger and Toys R Us Exclusive.

Blue Ranger Training Gear
Strange it came with Ultra Mode on the box but nothing about it in the items.

Red Super Megaforce Training Set
Regular and Deluxe Toys R Us exclusive set. The Toys R Us exclusive set came with a glittery translucent key. Blue came with a simple set. They come with open visor masks, unlike the Halloween costumes.

Silver Super Megaforce Training Set
There is only the Toy R Us Exclusive set which comes with glittery translucent key and blaster mode of the trident. The morpher is the same version of the regular Silver Legendary Morpher.

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