Sunday, October 26, 2014

Toy Week: Original Toy-Only Power Rangers Zords

My special weeks are back, presenting Toy Week (10/26 to 11/2/2014)

UPDATED 6/18/17

I covered Toy-Only Megazords during the Disney Era (Operation Overdrive to RPM) but now I'm covering some zords that were new and only for toys. Meaning they never appeared in Sentai either, so I am not including Shogun EngineOh that was in the RPM toyline and Battle Buggy in the SPD toyline.
Scorpion Zord
A re-painted and re-designed (slightly) Clawzord for Power Rangers Samurai coming with Deker figure. It didn't sell well as it still seen in stores. It became an arm for Samurai Megazord.

 Zeo Racer Zord
In Super Megaforce toyline, this zord was a redesigned SPD Patrol Zord. It becomes parts on top of the Legendary Megazord similar to the SPD Legendary Megazord. 

Amnonite Zord
Razzle1337 found this listing for Dino Charge. It is based on Zyudenchi/Dino Charger.

Deinosuchus Zord
This orange crocodile-like zord is based on the Dino Charger #12. It becomes two arms.

Archelon Zord
This periwinkle turtle-like zord is based on Dino Charger #21.

Claw Cannon zord
To have another zord to go along with the Lion, Chameleon and Wolf, they made a zord based on the Claw Cannon, based on the Cheetah and Jaguar. It came in the Transforming Battle Megazord package.

Power Rangers in Space Silver Titanus Carrier Zord
This was based on Titanus but was considered a new zord as it was space themed. It could carry the Mega Voyager Megazord. It was not on the show.


Nicolas mailloux said...

What about the Power Rangers In Space version of Titanus that was a Toys R Us Exclusive Back in 1998.

Lavender Ranger said...

Nicolas, thanks! I forgot!