Friday, November 26, 2010

Original Toy-Only Power Ranger Megazords

Triple Transforming Megazord 1 (2007)
Three original zords inspired by the Red, Blue, and Black rangers.

Triple Transforming Megazord 2 (2007)
Three original zords inspired by the auxiliary zords (Mixer, Crane, and the Sonic Streaker) can be used for single play or combined with several combination modes.

Transforming Beast Master Megazord (2008)
Five zords (Indigo Bat, White Puma, Black Leopard, Blue Shark, and Green Elephant) combine to become one. The Fury Cycles can also become the arms.

Transforming Jungle King Megazord (2008)
This Jungle Fury Megazord did not see the light of day and fans are happy about that. It was also going to come out in other colors and they were not released.

Torque Micro Megazord (2009)
Part of the RPM Micro Megazords, this original megazord came out with no formal original name.

2003: Abarenoh Another Version (Abaranger)
Abaranger was creative that year and instead of having black and gold robo, we got a green and bronze toned Abarenoh.
It was called Triasaurus Rex in Dino Thunder toy line, I was surprised how much it was used.


Unknown said...

The 'other' Abarenoh coloring was to reflect the Bakuryuu 'wild' form in the first episode.

Lavender Ranger said...

Ohhhhh. For years, it didn't make sense. I guess because the thing looked like olive-yellow in the show.