Friday, November 26, 2010

Movie-Edition Zords (Second Post)

I have covered this before but decided to update it. Here are the zords that was 'exclusive' to the Super Sentai movies.

Gaoranger - Gao Kong - 2001
The first toy or character to be exclusive to the movie but it was also the first re-paint of an existing robo or 'zord' from the series. It was a re-paint to Gao Gorilla and made Gao Knight.
The toy was released in America as Ultimus Megazord but did not appear on the Power Rangers show, as it did not appear on the Gaoranger show. The RangerStrike card of Gao Knight was labeled as 'Ultimus Megazord' for the recent Power Rangers card game.

The red gorilla was also used for a toy in which the red ranger turned into it.

Hurricanger - Tri Condor - 2002
Tri Condor premiered in the movie, even though it later appeared on the show with another origin. Bandai Japan released a special movie edition of the toy. Only the show version appeared in Ninja Storm.
In America it was release with the Samurai Star Lighting Megazord toy.

Abaranger - Bakurenoh - 2003
Bakurenoh was bascially a re-paint and slight re-model of Abarenoh excluding the Pteradon. Bakurenoh was the first robo to appear exclusively in the movie but also appear on the show. So it appeared on Dino Thunder but it was called 'Copyzord.'

But in the toy line, it is called Blizzard Force Megazord. They repainted the repaint for some reason and the colors didn't make sense with the name. And it included the Pteradon, repainted green, but many say that it doesn't fit with the Megazord.

The Carnoryutus (with its original colors) was used for a toy with the Red Ranger becoming it and it was called G-Zord.

Dekaranger - Blast Buggy - 2004
Exclusive to the movie and did not appear on the show. It shocked fans as it was not a re-paint and was the first mecha to not be a re-paint and be original. Also, since Deka Gold appeared in the movie, many thought she would pilot it but she did not.

The toy appeared in the SPD toy line in America with no name or explaination. It did not appear on the Power Rangers show.

Magiranger - SaintKaizer (Phoenix Unizord) - 2005
A re-paint of the Firekaizer, Unikiron (Brightstar) was a repaint of Valkyrion. It appeared in the movie and the show and appeared in America in both the show and toy form (with another name--Steerdergon Fury Megazord). On the show, it was called Brightstar and the Phoenix Unizord.

Gekiranger - GekiRinTohja - 2007
It appeared in the movie and show. The episode in which it appeared was not used for Jungle Fury, but its other form did (not named).
The Lion and Chameleon did appear in the Jungle Fury toy line (Zords available in three different packages). This formation had no formal name in America.

Go-Onger - DaiShogun - 2008
A re-paint of EngineOh, it was in both the movie and the show. It is the fourth Sentai re-paint. It did not appear in RPM and was slated to be released as a deluxe toy but wasn't, only a Micro Megazord in the United Kingdom under the name 'Engine Shogun.'

Shinkenger - Kyoryumaru - 2009
It is exclusive to the Shinkenger movie and is a new mold. It is the forth original creation made for a movie. It did appear in the show and a OVA special where Shinken Gold became Hyper Shinken Gold.

Goseiger - Gosei Wonder - 2010
Sort of like Bakurenoh and Dai Shogun, it was a re-configuration of the main Megazord. Gosei Wonder used the model of Gosei Great. Instead of a dragon, we got the indigo Gosei Bird. And instead of Phoenix, we get Kabuto. Dolphin replaced Shark, Elephant replaced Tiger and Crocodile replaced Snake. It premiered in the movie and then in the show.

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