Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Power Rangers Samurai - FIRST LOOK Promo

Thank you to Promeutheusufo, who posted it:

You can also see it on Yahoo!

This trailer was released Wednesday November 24, 2010 by, also on their Facebook and Yahoo!. They use the MMPR song (the one that came out in 1994 and used for the movie in 1995) but most likely it won't be used for Power Rangers Samurai, hopefully they will have their own song. This is the trailer they showed on NickToon's All-Heroes Weekend. Nov. 25 during Hero Factory at 9pm-ish, Nov. 27 during Spongebob at 10-pm-ish, and Nov. 28 during - Zevo3 in the morning. It has also randomly aired on Nickelodeon. No alternative trailer has been shown as of yet. - 11/26/10

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