Monday, November 22, 2010

SPOILERS! Go-kaiger - Past Cast Rumors

Yasuhisa Furuhara (Sosuke/Go-On Red), Rin Takanashi (Mako/Shinken Pink), Tsuyoshi Hayashi (Houji/DekaBlue), and Mitsuomi Takahashi (Akashi/Bouken Red) have all said that they are 'nostaglic' on their blogs--that they are doing a new project with people they have worked with before. That they are rumored to participate in some way in Go-kaiger.
Tsuyoshi Hayashi (Houji/DekaBlue)
His Blog

Yasuhisa Furuhara (Sosuke/Go-On Red)
His Blog

Rin Takanashi (Mako/Shinken Pink)
Her Blog

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Red looks adorable.