Saturday, November 27, 2010

Movie Zords vs. Show Zords Comparison

Wolf, Crane, Bear, Ape, and Frog Ninja Zords
The Ape had a human face and gold thing on his head and red shoulders. Bear had a metal thin under its chin.

Movie Ninja Zords
Frog, Falcon, Crane, Bear, Ape, and Wolf.
The Falcon, Wolf, and Frog looked a lot like the show versions. The Bear didn't have the metal thing in its mouth like in the show. The movie bear had black around its eyes while the show version had black over its eyes. The Ape had a more ape face than in the show, which had a human face, and didn't have the headdress and had black shoulders. The Ape in the McDonalds toys looked more like the movie version but had gold shoulder and gold thing on head. The Crane was more elongated horizontally.

Like I mention before, the Ninja Zords had their own American cockpits, because the Kakuranger (Aquitar rangers) were the ones that piloted the mecha in the original footage. They looked like the Dinozords cockpits but they stood up in them.

The cockpits in the movie was more horizontal and had more button consoles in the left, right and in front. . The Rangers got to sit down in their individual ninjazord cockpits much like the Dinozords.

Ninja Megazord
It has animal heads for hands, the bear has a metal in its mouth, and the frog protrudes out.

Ninja Megazord cockpit had Red in front with the girls and White in back with the other two. With a yellow, orange, green color scheme.

Ninja Megazord Movie version
The Ninja Megazord in the movie had a more metallic appearance and a different transformation sequence than from Kakuranger. The Bear didn't have the metallic thing in its mouth, the Frog wasn't as protruded as before. The Frog feet were of darker colors and the face looked different. The Megazord had more hands than the show version had. It also wielded the Sword of the Shogun Zord. It also had four circles under the Bear that the show version did not have. Also, the cockpit had the Ninja animal symbol behind Pink, where she sat with Red and Blue in the front with Black and Yellow on top with White. The entire cockpit was grey, white and blue with a more futuristic look.

How they looked in Carranger and the Turbo TV Show:
Clock-wise: Mountain Blaster, Desert Thunder, Red Lightning, Wind Chaser, Dune Star.

How they looked like when big in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (they looked the same in regular car-size in the movie).
Clock-wise: Wind Chaser, Dune Star, Mountain Blaster, Red Lightning, Desert Thunder

The cockpit has a big Ranger-color circle with their number. It had a blue window on the side and you saw the outside of the car on the bottom. There was grey things on the sides. And it looked like they were in the Turbo Carts.

The cockpit in the movie had a small circle in the back with the number. It Ranger-colored windows on each side and more buttons and lights around the back. The interior was dark grey and black.

The ceiling of Turbo Megazord cockpit has two lights and two lights in the back with window-like panes on each side. The Carranger symbol in the back. Grey consoles for each Ranger and ranger-color belt straps.

The ceiling of the Turbo Megazord in the movie had 4 lights and 3 round lights. It had two sliding doors in the back. Only black chairs, no grey consoles and no ranger-color belt straps.

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