Friday, November 26, 2010

SPOILERS! Goseiger vs. Shinkenger Teamup Pictures

A new form of Gosei Great

The evil Shinken Red called Gedou Shinken Red; Gedou means a term for a state of existence outside the six realms of Buddhist cosmology but it is a term of Gedoushu.

A new Ayakashi Madokodama

Hikoma meets the Goseiger with Takeru

Agri and Mako

Genta, Chiaki and Eri

Two Buredoran fight Shinken Red and Gosei Red

Gedou Shinken Red and Gosei Pink

UPDATED 11/29/10 9pm EST

YES! Karou! Hopefully she'll transform.


Luca said...

The rangers look beautiful when in henshin and adorable when out of henshin. I also love how abstract the kaijin look.

diego josé said...

Evil Shinken Red? WTF!