Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turboranger, Fiveman, Jetman or Dairanger for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

My online pal Sean Akizuki had previously written on this subject, we often have similar ideas and have similar posts, so I decided not to do it. I now checked for it and I can't find it, the link seems to be severed. After getting a lot of e-mails (actually 3 e-mails... from the same person) about another Super Sentai used for the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers instead of Zyuranger. The reason I picked these four Sentai series, because they are around the era of Zyuranger. I would have had it either way, I don't like to dwell in these things.

Turboranger (1989)
Turboranger had five Rangers, with the same colors as Zyuranger; with one female with a skirt just like Zyuranger. They could have turned Yellow female just like they did with Zyuranger. Their 'megazord' was a bit clunky and boxy. 3 of the main villains had human faces so they would have to had to dub 3 people. (Whereas Zyuranger had 2--Bandora and Lami). Alas, no Sixth Ranger. They did have 3 'megazords.'

Fiveman (1990)
Fiveman had five Rangers, with the same colors as Zyuranger; two females with no skirts. 5 human-faced villains, they would have to dub them, it would have looked more awkward, compared to just 2 people with mismatching lips. And no Sixth Ranger, the 'megazord' was only made up of four vehicles, not five. They did have 3 'megazords.'

Jetman (1992)
Fiveman had five Rangers, with the same colors as Zyuranger (kind of); two females with skirts, but Yellow was male and Blue was female and Pink was technically white. They had 3 human face villains and no sixth ranger (there was one in the manga sequel). But thinking ahead, it would hard to match colors yet again if they changed 'zords' but they could have worked it out. Jetman had 3 'megazord' robos. Rumors is that Jetman is the series Saban saw when he attempted to make Power Rangers (other rumors was he tried years before), but for some reason, it was not used.

Dairanger (1993)
They didn't have to pick series before Zyuranger, they could have waited a bit and use Dairanger. The main villains had all humans, so very hard to dub and also they wore S&M outfits, which was why they chose not to use them later on. The 'Megazord' was more colorful and less boxy. They indeed had a sixth ranger, but maybe when Saban was working out getting the rights to Zyuranger, Dairanger hadn't started yet.

Now here are reasons that he might have chosen Zyuranger:
Sixth Ranger
The most obvious choice for Zyuranger was that there was six Rangers, where Turboranger, Fiveman and Jetman only had five Rangers. Dairanger has a sixth ranger too but Saban thought ahead, so picking the first series to have a sixth ranger (Zyuranger) would be better and they could later use the other one (Kibaranger of Dairanger). Also with a Sixth Ranger, there was more mecha.

Less Human Faced Villains
Only two human-face main villains other than Jetman villains that had 3 human-face villains. And Lami/Scorpina was only half of Zyuranger so they mostly had to deal with dubbing one person most of the time.


Fantasy Leader said...

It's said that Saban wanted Sun Vulcan first (it's said that he was a fan). Then decided on Bioman (rumors has it that he made the english dub for the Philippines). Then Jetman (possibly due to it's immense popularity). And then finally Zyuranger.

I heard Zyuranger was picked cause of three main reasons. One, there was the sixth ranger (so more toys, and more to adapt from) (rumor has it that Saban requested Toei to make a sixth ranger). And actually, Turbo, Five, and Jet had the same number of mecha as Zyuranger (3 each). There was also the Jurassic Park hype. And then there was the whole, it was made the year before thing.

Though judging by what you said about the other seasons, it's possible that Zyuranger might've just looked so much more colorful and attractive compared to the other seasons.

Lavender Ranger said...

Jurassic Park came out in June of 1993 and MMPR premiered in September 1993, it was in production since 1992 but maybe Saban already knew JP was gonna be released and was gonna be a hit. Dinosaurs were big in that time.

Slasher49 said...

I would have liked to see the series adapted from Turboranger. I overall liked the suits and it had a fun fantasy element to it. Plus, it was the first Sentai to utilize teenagers as the heroes.

diego josé said...

I also think there is another reason. Zyuranger had a very colorful and "atractive" robot, while most of the others had been VERY boxy and just one or two colors.

And I agree with you fantasy, Saban was a Sun Vulcan fan, or that's what they say. And the characters pretty much ressemble the Biomen, Turboranger and JetMan, like characters being written in base of them for a long time...

I think they didn't effort much in adapting Zyu as it was, they used the plot they already had and put fight scenes in it.

Luca said...

Turboranger PLEASE! It would bother me alot less if the most famous season had an inorganic motif.