Thursday, November 25, 2010

Power Rangers Samurai in Mexico Deal

Thanks to an agreement between Televisa Consumer Products and Saban Brands Entertainment, the Power Rangers will be represented in Mexico by Televisa Consumer Products. We're certain that with the upcoming TV series Power Rangers Samurai, which will start broadcasts in 2011 through Canal 5. Article

It is funny how Saban owned Telemundo, an American Spanish-language television network, but now making deals with Televisa in Mexico, which is best known for telenovelas that are carried on Telemundo's rival challenge Univision. So it seems Mexico will have Spanish dubbed Power Rangers in late 2011, sometimes it takes more than a year, even 3 years for it to be dubbed internationally.

UPDATED 1/31/11
Televisa has picked up Power Rangers for October in Mexico. I am hoping Univision shows PRS soon in the U.S. as Saban owns Univision. Univision airs a lot of Televisa programming.


sdp said...

Saban owns Univision which does have deals with Televisa and AFAIK Televisa has always aired, at least MMPR and recently older Disney seasons.

diego josé said...

Actually it takes a whole year not because of dubbing, but because PR appeared outside of the USA in mid 1994. But, after a year of delay, waiting a year is not necesary.

Lavender Ranger said...

I thought he owned Telemundo, i'll change it.