Friday, November 26, 2010

Zord Week

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we saw the Power Rangers Samurai sneak peak and in December 2nd, we might get pictures for Pirate Sentai Goukaiger for 2011; so I thought I'd start Zord Week today on Friday and end Thursday the 1st of December. Anyway, I will be covering mecha, giant robos, zords, and megazords.

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Luca said...

A couple of days ago, I came up with an interesting idea for zords.

Since I'm NOT into anything turning giant AT ALL, I came up with a good way to avoid this. The kaijin would not become kaiju and there would not be a megazord or even large zords. There would be minizords based on small animals that turn into wepons for the rangers to use. (fox rifle, monkey nanchaku, sheep hammer, ect)