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Unanswered Burning Power Rangers Production and Merchandise Questions

UPDATED 12/17/14
There is a ton of questions unanswered in the series of Power Rangers. Fans have asked plenty of them and there is a great record of them. There is a lot of heard-scratchers in production, merchandise and the franchise itself. Fans have asked them too. But I haven't seen a list of it all together. Well, if there is, here is my list, I needed this for myself more than anything. I have faced old Executive Producers, writers, producers and former crew at conventions but my mind goes blank. The only current person involved I've ever met was Elle Dekel and briefly (very briefly) Judd Lynn (sat close to where he was standing at the Super Megaforce panel at PMC 4). 

The following questions are directed to Executive Producers or higher ups, producers, writers and crew. Since most have been answered with 'the EP should know' so it should go to Johnathan Tzachor but I see that getting answered as unlikely. For example James Bates (writer for Megaforce) was asked about some things, he said he wasn't involved in those decisions, most likely JT.  I don't think I will ever get any or all of these questions answered. By the way, I am NOT looking for answers from fans. BUT If you have a solid answer, please attach the link of the video or website, it can not be just heresay, it has to be from the producer or a crew member. 

  1. How come there was no Halloween and Christmas specials for Super Megaforce if Samurai, Super Samurai and Megaforce had them?
  2. If for Samurai, Saban bought the Shinkenger specials: Shinkenger movie, Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger and the After special, so why was no specials bought for Megaforce? For example if 199 Heroes was used, there would be more Legendary Battle footage.
  3. How come only the pre-Zyuranger Sentai Flashman, Maskman, Changeman, Fiveman and post-Zyuranger Dairanger were used?
  4. Why was the episode with Ninjor skipped?
  5. Why new Ranger Keys like Titanium Ranger and Spirit Ranger were created? Titanium Ranger suit was used for the Legendary Battle, why not the rest of the season?
  6. Why the Rangers transforming as Extra Heroes (Shadow Ranger, Kat Ranger, White Mystic Ranger, Blue Senturion, Dai Shi, etc.) was skipped? I know things were changed and cut out but it looks deliberately skipping in "All Hail Prince Vekar" and "Legendary Battle."
  7. Was there not enough extras or money for extras for the "Legendary Battle" scene? There is clearly many Rangers missing like Yellow and Blue Lost Galaxy, Yellow, Green and Blue Lightspeed Rescue, the other Mighty Morphin, various Sixth Rangers, etc.?
  8. Megaforce: Why wasn't original English Power Cards made?
  9. Megaforce: Why wasn't computer graphics recreated for Megaforce? 
  1. Why were the actor faces not used in merchandise like in Samurai?
  2. Why are Super Megaforce DVDs taking so long to be released? Are sales low?
  3. Why were there no Super Megaforce Scholastic books? Are sales low?
  4.  Why the Legacy MMPR figures 5 inches and not 8 inches like the originals?
  5. Why wasn't it 5 Ranger Keys per pack, it could had been so much better? And why not release the full teams? Prototypes for upcoming or the final Ranger Keys doesn't even let you complete teams of six. I understand the sexism of Bandai and greediness but this was your/our last chance to get all the keys... 
  6. What happened to the 30 inch Mighty Morphin Red Ranger from Jakks Pacific? It would've sold more.

The following are old questions I've had for years that have yet to be answered.
  1. Zyu 2: Why some Zyu 2 footage was chosen fought against Thunder Megazord and other not?
  2. Zyu 2: Did they know they were going to splice the Thunder Megazord footage? Why not leave the Dinozords for a while?
  3.  Brad Hawkins was originally hired to be the White Ranger, was there a character name and character profile thought of before hand or was he just hired? (Of course Tommy was chosen to return and Brad Hawkins went on to play Ryan Steele in VR Troopers)
  4.  Why wasn't Zach's cousin Curtis and Trini's crush Richie chosen to be Rangers instead of Rocky and Adam? Was it their acting skills or they want to change the ethnicity of Black and Yellow Rangers?
  5. Who was in charge of picking what episodes of Sentai would be used and what was the process?
  6.  Why some monsters were chosen and some that weren't? Obviously Monsters who had costumes in the US took priority and also monsters with useable footage without any super violent, sexual or objectionable material. But some monsters had no costumes to shoot new footage, so what was the process then?
  7. Why did the Green Ranger have a floppy shield and never got replaced?
  1. Pythor was just a toy creation or was supposed to be on the show?
  2. Why were the Power Coins put on the Ranger's chests in merchandise and toys?
  3. Why did Green Ranger's symbol looked more like Titanus?
  4. Why the Thunder Slingers (weapons used against Super Putties) was never released?
  5. Why the Green Ranger's Power Morpher never release?
  6. Why was the White Ranger's Thunder Cycle released in a small form by another company and not by Bandai?

  1.  Why was Shogun Mode of Green and Yellow Rangers never used as we saw them in a flash when any Ranger transformed? We also saw Yellow in a promo shot.
  2. Why was Green, Yellow and Pink Rangers given Shogun Mode on the show if they didn't have toys?
  3. Why was Lauren never seen in Shogun Mode? Was this a time issue?
  4. Was there just the Red Shogun suit and it was recolored in post-production? There is a pic of Red suit with Pink helmet.

    1. Will there be a DVD including the deleted scenes of: Mariska Hargitay as Dulcea, Snoogle, the Dulcea compound, the animals visiting the Rangers at their sleeping mats, the Ninja Rangers training, the Rangers fight Rats at night (instead of Oozeman), Rangers without visors and mouthpieces?
    2. Why didn't the Black Ranger have a special power or was it the protruding item on his helmet seen for a split second? Was it the Audio Enhancer from the script?
    3. Why was Squatt, Baboo and Finster replaced by Morton? Was he supposed to be Goldar's cousin and why was he a pig?
    4. Why was Snoogle removed from the movie? Was there two different versions of the character? There has been pictures of him as a puppet and a man in a suit.
    5. Why was there a Fox Century copyright problem with the name of the Tengu? They had to be changed into Tenga in the third season of Power Rangers.
    6. Why did the Ninja Megazord have the Shogun Megazord's sword in the movie?
    7. Why the Ninja Megazord didn't use a finisher to destroy the monster?

If you want to add questions, just put on the comments. Any season.

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