Monday, December 1, 2014

2015 SUPER SENTAI: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger

Info from TokuNation, might change and don't take too super seriously:
Ninninger NamesAkaninger

Sentai Hero Series
vinyls coming for all 5 Ninjas. 800 yen each in February.
 Ninnin Action Series
 figures coming in February for 1500 yen each. Akaninja, Aoninja, & Kininja.
-Punch Fighter Ninninger, 2400 yen

Role play
Shinobi Shuriken
Swords activated by setting the Shurikens. Voice and Lights in each. Apparently each of the 5 Ninningers Shurikens will be capable of forming the head of their main robot as well.
DX Shinobigatana Best Sword
Sword weapon/changer of the series. This toy includes the Red Shuriken, 4980 yen
DX Gammagamma Gun
Includes Blue Shuriken, 3980 yen.
DX Ninnin Buckle
Includes White Shuriken, 2800 yen.
DX 5 Super Ninja Tonnin shuriken 1800 yen

Main Mecha
DX Shuriken Gattai Shurikenjin
A 5 piece combining robot made up of:
Shinobumaru - a humanoid robot ninja core piece/torso
Dragomaru - Left arm, dragon
Danpumaru - Dump truck, right arm
Wanmaru - Dog, one of the 2 legs
Byunmaru - onomatopoeia sound for something moving fast. Think "pew pew". Also one of the 2 legs.

The Shurikens appear to be able to create new helmets for Shurikenjin as well! Creating Shurikenjin Drago, Shurikenjin Danpu, etc.

Additional Mecha
Otomo Shinobu (literally Ninja Clan) DX releases
 Otomo Shinobu Series #1 DX Paonmaru with Paon Shuriken, 2800 yen
 Otomo Shinobu Series #2 DX UFOmaru with UFO Shuriken, 2800 yen
DX 3-Stage Transformtion Shinobumaru Whirlwind
Next year's Super Senai is Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, the third time to use the Ninja theme. Not much else is known. My quick assessment on the suits is that they look like Hurricanger with the grey arms but have different colored hands and sash-like design on their chests. I like the helmets remind me of Shurikenger combined with hints of JAKQ and Kakuranger. Looks like their visors are based on ninja star shapes or winged animals. Their swords seem to have their Ranger colors on it. I like it so far, I like the colors. I like to see where they go with this. Last time there was a Red-Blue-Yellow three males on their own was probably Sun Vulcan. There has been Red-Blue-Yellow males like Gaoranger and Timeranger but they had a fourth male in the core five team. Merlin of Rangerboard says: "The logo is the word Shinobi or Nin stylized as a whirlwind, with the shuriken becoming the cross-shaped strokes in the upper center."

Red - Male, second time to have a team with three males be red, blue and yellow and no other males in the core five team since Sun Vulcan in 1981.
Blue - Male, second male blue in a Ninja Sentai (first being Ninja Blue in Kakuranger), first to be regular blue and not Cyan
Yellow - Male, third male yellow in Ninja Senta (Kakuranger and Hurricanger), first male Yellow since Magiranger (2005
White - Female, second white female in Ninja Sentai (Kakuranger).
Pink - Female, first pink in a Ninja Sentai, first second female in a Ninja Sentai (not counting Pink Ninja Ranger in MMPR) and second pink-white female combo since Changeman in 1985.

Trivia Numbers
- 33 years ago since Sun Vulcan had a core team had three males be Red, Blue and Yellow
- 30 years ago there was a Pink and White female combo
-  21 years ago since the first Ninja Sentai was Kakuranger.
- 13 years ago since Hurricanger, the second Ninja Sentai.
- 10 years since the last male Yellow Ranger in Magiranger.
- 10 years since a female White Ranger (MagiMother).
- 11th White Ranger overall  (Change Mermaid, White Swan, Kibaranger, Ninja White, Gao White, AbareKiller, Deka Break, Deka Swan, MagiMother, and GekiChopper)
- 8 years since a White Ranger (GekiChopper) and was male.
- 7th female White Ranger (Change Mermaid, White Swan, Ninja White, Gao White, MagiMother, DekaSwan)
- 6th White Ranger to be part of the core team (Change Mermaid, White Swan, Ninja White, Gao White, and GekiChopper)
- 3rd Pink Ranger since a series with no Pink Ranger (Go-Busters)
- 2nd Yellow Ranger since a series with no Yellow Ranger (Kyoryuger)

Dukemon22 who is usually up on new Sentai rumors says:
-Rangers will not be classified by colors
-Makimono Changer (Scroll Changer)

-Ninninjin (NinninGod)

-Kitsune (Fox)


Hallwings said...

Oh, PLEASE let this color scheme (red-blue-yellow-white-pink; w/female white & pink) be true!

joshua jones said...

Agreed, the color scheme reminds me of changeman

Jonathan said...

It's true. Those are definitely Toei's suits :)

William Rodriguez said...

Magi Ranger had White and Pink! I know that doesn't count because Magi White is an extra Ranger along with Korrag but it's true! :D