Monday, November 24, 2014

Zordon and other Ally Merchandise

I covered Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, and Goldar in merchandise. I noticed that David Fielding tweeted to Kerrigan Mahan about my post on Goldar merchandise, so I decided to cover Zordon in merchandise and also some allies and mentors. I'm not counting Ninjor, Auric, Doggie, RJ, Udonna and any Ranger/warriors like those.
1994 Power Dome
This came around the end of season 2 of Power Rangers. I won this in a Bandai contest, I gave it to a cousin's kid long ago, I still have the Alpha. Zordon's face was on the tube and you could infamously 'change' your voice to a deeper one. 

Zordon Milk Disk
There were Pogs or Milk Cap Disks of Power Rangers in the 90's.

 Trading Cards
In the 90's, Zordon had several Trading cards.
Left is the Bandai Cardzillion and the right is the MMPR: The Movie cards from Fleer.

Comic Books
Hamilton Comics in the 1990's changed Zordon's look from issue to issue.
That Guy With Glasses:
Check Out RistaR87's Comics for more

Zordon in Coloring Book Pages

2010 Alpha and Zordon figure
Zordon came with Alpha in a clear tube and white face, no blue and green. Some fans filled it with toy goo to make it show accurate.
Other Allies
Alpha 5 1993 Collectible Figure 
Alpha 5 Power Dome Figure 1994
Monopoly Piece 2013 

Alpha 5 and Zordon 2010 

Alpha 5 Mini Battle Ready Figure 2010 and 2013
Came in set in 2010 for MMPR and in blind bag in 2013 with Megaforce with ACG card 

 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie Milk Cap
 1993-1994 Trading Cards

 Coloring Book circa 1993
Papercutz Comic Book
Lergiot (Turbo)
Lerigot came in a Turbo Garage Playset
Circuit (Time Force)
Circuit came with the Pink TF Fighter Ranger but I couldn't find a clear enough picture, he also came in the Power Ranger Mega Pack (above).
Princess Shayla (Wild Force)
Princess Shayla came in a Wild Force headquarters playset
 Sensei (Ninja Storm)
The little guniea pig came with Red Ranger and Lothor in the Mobile Control Center.

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