Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Best and Worst of 2014: Power Rangers and Super Sentai

It is almost the end of the year, magazines, TV shows and websites do their Best and Worst of the year so here is mine. I usually split it up by series, Power Rangers and Super Sentai, now I am just clumping them in Best and Worst.
BEST of 2014

Best App
The Dino Charge app just came along on Thanksgiving but it has to be the best app for Power Rangers ever. It has the new theme song, stickers for pictures, 3-D morph images, 'prizes' and 'levels.'
Best Butt
I did best Abs last year and I am sure some fans will complain that 'this is too gay' but I bet you if I did 'Best Butt' of a girl, there would be no problem. This goes to Azim Rizk (Jake).
Best Theme Song in the last six years
We finally got a song that doesn't recycle Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme song. It has the 'Go Go Power Rangers' hook but at least it sounds different.
Best Use of Orange
Toq 6 Gou is the second Orange Ranger, other than Battle Cossack of Battle Fever J (1979).
Best use of a Dog Mecha
People might not agree with the choice of mecha for Ninninger or even the use of another train since the pervious Sentai was all trains. I sure liked the dog.
WORST of 2014
Worst Finale
  I won't mince words. I wish I could put this in the middle but this is best and worst, not kinda okay list. This was a major disappointment for fans. Fans were hoping to see Tommy actually fight and see more or hear more of the other veteran Rangers. Even in Gokaiger (which Super Megaforce got footage from) there were cameos without lines (voice) but they had A LOT of cameos. Americans can't even top that? Gokaiger had more consistent footage. The use of Legacy War and new footage, Rangers disappeared and reappeared. Even with Extended Version, it still didn't fulfill fan's wants or even made the episode any better. Now I am not saying it is the worst finale of Power Rangers history, just worst finale of the year.

 Worst Misuse of Powers
The Super Megaforce Rangers did not transform into full teams of Lightspeed Rescue, In Space, Time Force, and Operation Overdrive yet they transformed plenty of times in SPD. This was because of the footage, Gokaiger concentrated more on later seasons. Also while the Gokaiger became Extra Heroes, the Super Megaforce Rangers did not become Shadow Ranger, Sentinel Knight, Blue Senturion, Dai Shi, etc. But the Rangers did get "New Powers" and didn't concentrate on old seasons. Noah did become Blue Lightspeed in the extended "Legendary Battle," Emma became Pink Time Force in "Samurai Surprise," Red Operation Overdrive was used in "Super Megaforce" and extended Legendary Battle, Gia became Yellow Space and Troy and Orion became Red and Silver Space.


Worst Editing
Megaforce had the worst editing with splices of Non-Power Ranger scenes from Gokaiger footage (Turboranger in "A Lion Alliance," Midoranger key popping up, etc.) and the Japanese "Power Cards" from Goseiger. Also the Legendary Battle was just a mess. I could go on and on about Super Megaforce but I don't want to bore you guys, you guys know already. It is not the worst season (cough cough Operation Overdrive) but I think the biggest letdown is that it had so much potential and promise.

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