Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ninninger: Shurikenjin and other mecha

UPDATED 12/9/14 5:30 PM EST
It also becomes some sort of beast.
Shinboumaru (Red) - Humanoid
Dragomaru (Blue) - Dragon
Danpumaru (Yellow) - Dump ruck
Wanmaru (White) - dog
Byunmaru (Pink) - train
DX Paonmaru - Elephant
DX UFOmaru - UFO

DX Karakuri Hengen
 Another piece of the Ninningers’ arsenal is the Karakuri Hengen- a massive Shuriken capable of 3 distinctive forms- Blade, Claw and Bow. Each Ninninger carries Shurikens in the Ninnin Buckle.

DX Gamagamaju - The Shinobi Shurikens can unlock new powers, weapons and can create new weapons and features when used with individual mecha as well as DX Shurikenjin. The Ninningers also have a blaster weapon, the Gama Gama Ju- a gun shaped like a frog

 Red, Blue and Yellow get articulated figures (Ninnin Action Series figures) while all 5 get the usual vinyl figures.

 Looks like Bandai Japan adapted the Bandai America idea of barcodes on the toys

DX Shinobi Ichibangatana
The Ninningers’ main weapon and changer, the Shinobi Ichibangatana is a sword that all five Ninningers take into combat.


Unknown said...

White's mecha is a dog and Pink's is a train! :)

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see the green sixth ranger! I hope it's a female!

Poke_Fan said...

I'm a little confused by the mecha themes? It seems like a mix of a lot of different mecha themes into one. Any ideas?