Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Winners and Losers of 2014: Tokusatsu and Anime

TV Shows, Magazines and websites do "Winners and Losers," I've done it for the last two years, so here my mine for this year. You may not agree, I may me completely wrong, but there we go.
Sailor Moon Fans
Sailor Moon has been revived with new merchandise in order of the 20th anniversary and then a brand new anime Sailor Moon Crystal. On top of that, Figuarts, dolls and recreations of the wands and brooches.
Kamen Rider Gaim Fans
A good series is a good series. Kudos. It is a well written series, it had multiple Riders, it has creative fruit-based weapons, arsenal and belts.
White Rangers Fans
We haven't had a White Ranger since Gekiranger (2007). And there was not a female White Ranger since Magiranger (2005) and not a female White Ranger in a core five-member team since Gaoranger (2001).
Dino Charge Megazord Fans
We dodged a bullet, the Triceratops was going to be in Purple and it showed up at SDCC 2014. Now it is correctly pink. Why purple? Bandai America feared boys wouldn't buy the Megazord because it had pink in it. But there will be a purple zord and also with the Dino Charge Power Packs, there are more purple ones. I have no problem with purple, it is just the show accuracy.

Power Rangers Fans older than 12
Fans who have grown up with Power Rangers and know the past seasons were hoping for a lot out of Super Megaforce. Especially those who saw that Saban Brands was hyping up the Legendary War (with the PMC 2012 promo, in early eps of Megaforce, etc.) and the 20th Anniversary. Sure, people can say that I am expecting too much from Saban Brands and that it is not going to be good because Samurai wasn't any good. Also actors have stressed the worked really hard on the show. But think about it this way. The majority of the populace agree that the Super Mario Bros Movie and Batman & Robin were not good films. While personally I think they are both hoots and a half, really small cult films or campy kitsch. If it is not good, it ain't good. Now yes, the Megaforce seasons had redeemable qualities and the cast wasn't bad. I am just saying this was a lowpoint.

Ranger Key Collectors
Now Bandai America didn't promise we would get all teams. Fans were just hoping they would. At San Diego Comic Con of 2013, they showed a variety of female and sixth rangers but when the actual keys came around, it was just 3 per pack and all males. Then there was the bombshell at the Toy Fair that they would only do 60 keys. Because of fan complaints, they then announced at SDCC 2014 that there would be more keys. They said they wouldn't say how because they hadn't finalize agreements with their partner. Razzle1337 then spotted new key listings at Toys R Us. Then a fan found pictures of these listings on a foreign website that usually just have prototypes that never make it to stores. I am included in these "Losers." I don't mean Losers like you are a loser, just that this was a sore spot.
Super Sentai Fans
Super Sentai fans that were hoping Dairanger and pre-Zyuranger Sentai would be free of not being part of Power Rangers now can't rest easy with this. Changeman, Flashman, Fiveman, Maskman, Dairanger and inadvertently Dynaman have been included in Super Megaforce as "New Powers." To add insult to injury, they didn't even keep the names straight. In one episode Maskman is called Blitz, then later called Lightning. Changeman is called Dragon in one ep and then Blitz in another. Ugh.

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