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Power Rangers Dino Charge - Double Ranger, Double Trouble - Episode Review

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Episode Summary:
Sledge allows Poisandra go on a mission, she picks a monster that has cloning abilities. Outdoors, the Rangers are using the e-tracer to find the gold energem. Tyler says he misses his dad, looking at a pic of him and his dad as a kid. He writes in a journal. Chase is playing 'she loves, she loves me not' with a flower. Tyler admits in his journal he thinks Shelby is cute. He thinks about Fury then. Koda says them he smells something. Tyler tells them to shut the e-Tracer and he takes it to his jeep and leaves the others.

Four clone Rangers load up into the jeep and don't talk. Black points Tyler to a direction. The jeep shuts down. Tyler tells them to de-morph but they don't. Tyler checks under the god and sees it was sabotaged. Tyler gets on the com with Shelby, she says Tyler ran off while Tyler thinks he is with them. He discovers the Rangers with him are actually Viviks. Poisandra and Curio arrive and take the e-tracer and knock Tyler down.

The Rangers try to track the real Tyler down, Shelby wants to split up but Keeper tells them to work as a team. Tyler calls the Dino Cycle. The four morph and go looking for the villains. Fury and the monster make clone Rangers. Fury splits a statue in half. The Rangers bump into the clone Rangers and Viviks. Chase put flowers on the good guys belts and shot the fakes. The real ones put on Dino Steel and beat up the clones, turning them back to Viviks.

Wrench put the E-tracer machine down. Tyler talks to Kendall and she sends him coordinates. He races on the Dino Cycle from attacks. Fury attacks him as he de-morphs. Fury and Tyler fight. Fury finds the bracelet and admits he knows his father. Tyler demands to know what he knows about his dad. Fury refuses. The Rangers fight the monster. He is about to make more clones and the Rangers blast at them, they need the Dino Spike. Tyler has Fury at his mercy but gets called by Chase, gets distracted and is beat up by Fury.

Some gold energy emits from Fury, not letting him have control. He falls. Tyler runs and morphs to the Rangers.Dino Spike is called and destroys the monster. Shelby hugs Tyler. Tyler says they have to stop Poisandra, they conveniently spot her. The monster is made giant. Viviks make a Vivizord. The monster changes it to Fury. Shelby calls the Ankylozord. They merge and turn the Fury back to a Vivizord and destroy it and the monster.

Wrench is with the E Tracer and it is detecting. Fury blasts at them. Fury takes the device from them. Poisandra says Sledge will destroy him. Fury says Sledge will love him. Tyler tells Chase to shoot him. Shelby doesn't want it destroyed but Tyler convinces her. Chase destroys the E-tracer but Fury manages to take out the Dino Charger of the pterazord. He leaves.

Back at the museum, Kendall says the charger doesn't have enough energy to activate the battle mode of Pterazord. Tyler blames himself for falling for the fakes. Chase says they work together but the villains do not. Shelby gives Tyler back his dad's bracelet. Tyler says Fury lost control and something try to break free. Chase says it is his fun side.

Episode Review:
Nick and Saban Brands billed this as the Mid-Season Finale, meaning there will no new episodes until the Fall. Like always, this is sad. It is sad that the e-Tracer is gone. Knowing Kyoryuger, Gold Ranger is most likely inside Fury and the bad guys will have control of the Ptera Zord but Kendall says they won't have enough power to power the charger but I'm sure they'll come up with something to excuse the footage. Some people were saying this is like part one of a three parter, the other two parts in the Fall. The writing is kind of clunky, having Chase playing with a flower and later putting it on the real Rangers. Also having Shelby saying the E-Tracer was irreplaceable and then have it destroyed in the same episode. I hate the "Samurai-flashback" effect of having a flashback of an event that happened in the same episodes.

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Mateus Honrado said...

How I hate Nickelodeon's poor scheduling of the show. I can't believe they always put Power Rangers on hiatus from April to August and plus 20 episodes per year isn't a good thing since Nick usually splits a PR season into two.