Wednesday, July 20, 2016

WINNER!!!! Power Rangers Movie Poster from Power Force and Lionsgate

My grandnephew Jaiden and grandniece Alysen selected the winners, I mixed them up earlier on. 

The winners are:
@tmckinnin (sorry for calling you Tim!)

If you already won in another Power Force contest for these posters let me know because it wouldn't be fair to the other participants if you won TWICE!!!

THANK YOU for participating: Infernowolf87, terre11826, chocothundaa, kennethpereira, liamx61, thomasdavias, stevencapu21, soleilfaerie, jonnypotato91, ranger dude, sageranger, givilid, Ashley Ingles, Mark Kelly, superMMPR, Toqzawarudo, daveroy92, Laura8759, Juliotoyreviews and Chrisevans17. 

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