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Kamen Rider Black RX / Saban's Masked Rider - Character Conversion - Hero & Villains

At the suggestion, I did these as well. Doing the Beetleborgs, VR Troopers, and Masked Rider was not my idea, it is just brilliant, I should have done it in the first place. I may even do Gridman/Syber Squad. ~Lavender Ranger

Dex / Kotaro Minami
Since Kamen Rider Black RX was a sequel, Kotaro was a character from an existing series (Kamen Rider Black) and RX occurred five years later. Kotaro was captured by the Crisis Empire and forced to serve them, he refused, his Kingstone was destroyed and he was thrown into space where the sun's radiation mutated his Kingstone and he mutated into the new rider. Later, he discovers two new cyborg forms, Robo Rider and Bio Rider. Dex was the Prince of Edenoi and was given his powers by his grandfather. He went to Earth to stop his uncle Count Dregon, he was unfamiliar with American customs and was adopted by a mixed-race family. Dex later gained two forms: Super Gold and Super Blue. As you can tell, they wore the same clothes! (Of course to match with the footage, which they couldn't even do sometimes)

The Stewart Family / The Sahara Family
The Stewart Family were the multi-racial family that Dex stayed with. Hal, Barbara, Molly and Albee were notrious, as Barbara was Asian and Albee was African-American. It was never mentioned if Molly was Hal and Barbara's child or adopted. Super Sentai has had three series where all the rangers were siblings, but Power Rangers never did, if they wanted to stay multi-cultural, they could just do this, but because of Masked Rider's failure, I guess they attributed this to it as well. Anyhoo, I digress, the Sahara Family contained Shunkichi, Utako, Shigeru, and Hitomi. They owned a helicopter business and Kotaro was given a job as a pilot. The parents were murdered by Jaaku Murder near the finale.

Combat Chopper / Acrobatter
Kotaro's Battle Hopper was destroyed by Shadow Moon in Kamen Rider Black's finale. Since Kotaro had evolved into RX, his mechanical partner Battle Hopper was also given a new look--light shot out from his stomach and hit the broken motorcycle to transform it. Acrobatter spoke in perfect Japanese language and Combat Chopper spoke English. It transformed into a creature form, which I believe was exclusively for the American version. Chopper and Acrobatter both changed into different versions.

Magno / Ridron
An episode before Ridron's first appearance, Kotaro got a floppy disk that contained a blueprint of Ridron and he built Ridron with the help of Acrobatter in his garage. Kotaro hid Ridron on a cave's seabed where he was brought to life by Gorgom's Whale monster. Magno was given to him by his grandfather and spoke in a female voice, while Ridron spoke in a male voice. Magno could also transform into a creature to fight.

Count Dregon / General Jak
Jak was unrelated to the hero, he was the lead general of the Crisis Empire fleet. Towards the end of the series, he was forcefully transformed by Crisis into a stronger warrior called Jaaku Murder to kill Black RX. Regressed to his normal form and near death, he stated that Crisis was too powerful even for Black RX. Count Dregon was Dax's uncle who wanted his powers. Dregon took advantage of Edenoi's peaceful manners and enslaved everyone. Dregon wears a mask to conceal scars he endured in a duel with King Lexian.

Nefaria / Colonel Maribaron
Nefaria didn't mind causing Dex harm, which was a line that Dregon is not willing to cross. She has sometimes flirted with Dregon, but is often ignored. Maribaron was the sorceress of the Spirit Clan and the supernatural-based monsters were under her control. She was killed by Crisis when she objected on his decision to have Black RX join them.

Double Face / Naval Commander Bosgan
Bosgan was in charge of the Man-Beast/Mutant unit. He once plotted to take over General Jak but his plans were foiled when one of his swords was destroyed by General Jak himself upon discovering his treachery when he lost to Black RX twice. He died fighting Black RX during the arrival of Granzarias. Doesn't seem Double Face got American footage appearances, he was the stategist of the group and had same function as his counterpart except he didn't betray Dregon but it seemed it would have progressed that way, but there was only 40 episodes.

Cyclopter / Captain Gatenzone
They were charge of Robot unit and both fought the hero occasionally. Cyclopter's head can detach from his body to float around on its own. Gatenzone died fighting Black RX while attempting a suicide bomb attack, with only his head remaining before it was shattered by his own laser beam reflected on by Black RX.

Gork / Captain Gedorian
They both were constantly jumping around and annoying everyone else and were cowardly. Gork who speaks in rhymes when making a point to Dregon. Gork's older brother Diskey was banished into a black hole. Gedorian was soon targeted by Dasmader, Gatenzone and Bosgan when Grand Lord Crisis was about to destroy them all. But he soon gave his life to ensure the others avoid Crisis' wrath when he transferred his life energy into Gedoll Ridoll before his monster died at Black RX's hands.

Fact / Service Droid Chakrum
Chakrum announces Jak's arrival before his subordinates and transmits messages from Crisis himself. Fact retrieves information for Count Dregon such as surveillance and intel on the Masked Rider's whereabouts. Chakrum was destroyed by Kamen Rider Black RX before the final battle with Dasmader who was already possessed by Grand Lord Crisis.

Maggots and Commandoids/ Chaps
The Crisis Empire's foot soldiers with hockey mask-like faces. They came in the colors grey, brown and black. They later ore capes. The last of them were finished by the original 10 Kamen Riders before Black RX battled Dasmader. Maggots were Count Dregon's stupid and bumbling grunts and could spew slime and shoot threads from their mouths. The Chaps appeared in Masked Rider occasionally as the Commandoids.

Robo Rider / Shadow Moon
Robo Rider is actually Donais, Dex's best friend from Edonoi. Once Dregon found out that Donais was heading to earth to give Dex the powers of Super Gold he kidnapped him and used the Super Gold Crystal to transform Donais into Robo Rider, a mindless soldier who attacked the school. Shadow Moon was Kotaro's stepbrother and rival from Kamen Rider Black. He wanted revenge against Kotaro and he turned good shortly before he died and finally reverted to Nobuhiko. He was finally defeated by RX when he thrust the Revolcane through his Kingstone.

Lavasect / Grand Lord Crisis
Lavasect was a powerful creature that lived underground and appeared as a giant head, and Dregon's rival. Lavasect had numerous red eyes and tentacles, which he could bind Dex with in battle. Destroyed by Dex's Electro Saber. Crisis was the true leader of the empire, he eventually offered Black RX to join him. When refused, he summons his host body Dasmader to finish Black RX. He was destroyed by RX's Revolcane. Upon his death, his dimension got destroyed.

Thanks to this site Dedicated to Black for some of the pictures, and the others were from my site TokuCentral.



Sean Akizuki said...

Here's who you missed: between Grand Lord Crisis and Lavasect. In Kamen Rider Black RX, Grand Lord Crisis was the ultimate leader. In the American version, Lavasect was merely a rival to Count Dregon and not his direct superior. Also, I think we can also add a difference between the Sahara family and the Stewarts. Maybe you can delete my comments when changes are made.

Sean Akizuki said...

I think Maribaron also flirted with General Jak but General Jak returned her feelings when he saved her several times.

Sean Akizuki said...

I wonder if it's worth it to compare Molly with Reiko as well?

Sean Akizuki said...

Some character comparisons you may want to have: Reiko with Molly and maybe you should add that Black RX's powers were not granted by any outside source except they were discovered by his emotions. Maybe we should add that Dregon was the main villain while General Jack was merely the high general of Crisis and was extremely loyal to his emperor.

Lavender Ranger said...

You just did it, Sean. I never saw the episodes with Reiko, so I am not sure what to compare with Molly.

Sean Akizuki said...

Reiko is the comical girlfriend of Black RX and Molly was just a sideline character who had a crush on Dex with an obnoxious attitude.

Gibken said...

Compared to Jak Shogun, I think Count Dregon is nothing more than a fat pompous chicken who like many villains is all bark and no bite. I don't even know why they made such a big deal over him.