Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Goseiger Suit Actors

This always interest me, who plays who behind the mask. With Power Rangers, there has always been different people behind the helmets but with Super Sentai, it is consistently one person with one color, unless there is an extreme stunt or an injury or the need to play multiple characters like in the teamups.

Yasuhiro Takeuchi will be playing his first red ranger, Gosei Red; Hirofumi Fukuzawa plays Gosei Blue; Yuuichi Hachisuka plays Gosei Pink--last time he was a main character was Boukenger; Gosei Black is Yoshifumi Oshikawa; and Yellow is Mizuho Nogawa, who last did Go-Onger. I am glad they are switching it around this year.

Hirofumi Fukuzawa has always played Red Rangers, since Gaoranger, well except for that one time he played Magi Green in Magiranger, letting Seiji Takaiwa be a Red Ranger again, as he had been playing Kamen Riders, and he still is playing Kamen Riders. Hirofumi is now playing Gosei Blue. Hirofumi Fukuzawa is 180 cm tall and Kento Ono, Blue is 183 cm tall.

Yasuhiro Takeuchi has played a lot of different characters, his first major stunt role was DraftKeace in Exceedraft, then a little bit of the Dragonranger, Grey Swat and then 5 Blue Rangers, 4 more Green Rangers, 2 Yellow Rangers and Smoky from Magiranger. This is the first time he is a Red Ranger. I found out Chiba Yudai's height, he is 173 cm, which is about 5'8" & Yasuhiro Takeuchi is 170 cm, 5'6.92"--almost 5'7". Chiba Yudai, Gosei Red, is for sure smaller than Blue. Gosei Blue is the tallest. Above is only a few of the characters he has played.

Yoshifumi Oshikawa is 182 cm & Kyousuke Hamao is 176 cm tall. Yoshifumi has played the last two Blue, Go-On Blue and Shinken Blue. He originally played Kamen Riders, starting with Kamen Rider Gills. He was rumored to play G3 and Ixa in Kamen Rider Decade. This is the first time he plays Black. Above is only a few of the characters he has played.

Mizuho Nogawa has played MagiBlue, MagiMermaid, Go-On Silver and now will play Gosei Yellow. Sanae Hitomi played Geki Yellow, Go-On Yellow and Shinken Pink. Hashiguchi Miwa played Shinken Yellow. The last time there was a team with a guy and a girl playing two females was Megaranger.

Yuuichi Hachisuka has played female characters since Changeman (1985). Above is only a few of the characters he has played. He has played four Pink Rangers, the last one being in Turboranger (1989) and now his fifth with Goseiger. Has played three male rangers, Ginga Yellow, Go Yellow and Time Green. It's funny to me that two male yellow rangers he played were changed into females for Power Rangers. He did not play a main character from between 2001 and 2006, with guest spots in Dekaranger and Magiranger. He played Hiramechimedes and Seiku-Oh in Go-Onger and recently played the female ShinkenRed, which some fans think is not right since she is the first female Red Ranger, so it should be a girl. Above is only a few of the characters he has played.


Mark said...

So...what you're saying is that it was a dude that blowed a kiss to the audience in the trailer?

Lavender Ranger said...

lol, funny Mark.