Thursday, February 4, 2010

Most Attractive Sentai Heronie this Decade?

Sae (Gao White)

Nanami (Hurricane Blue)

Ranru (Abare Yellow)

Jasmine (Deka Yellow)

Umeko (Deka Pink)

Urara (Magi Blue)

Houka (Magi Pink)

Sakura (Bouken Pink)

Natsuki (Bouken Yellow)

Ran (Geki Yellow)

Saki (Go-On Yellow)

Miu (Go-On Silver)

Kotoha (Shinken Yellow)

Mako (Shinken Pink)

Moune (Gosei Yellow)

Eri (Gosei Pink)

Vote now!


X said...

Kinoshita Ayumi. Hands down.

Anonymous said...

suzuka morita is my pick. she is so cute.

Sean Akizuki said...

I still like Jasmine-San best. :-P

Anonymous said...

Rin Takanashi

sakura said...

where did you get Gao white photo on this post? Are the other gao ranger member with her? i want to collect the 6 gaoranger in this version for a creation, can you tell me?

sakura said...

by the way, i still like Haruka Suenaga and she looks cute in the photo you posted here

Lavender Ranger said...

Sakura, it was a picture from a poster that my friend Jill sent me. I think there was other posters of the other Rangers, but I haven't seen them. In the final book of the series Gaoranger, it has pictures of them like that individually. I don't have the scan on hand but I will find them for you.

Tran Chau said...

Rin Takahashi and Asami Kai.

Tran Chau said...

Rin Takahashi she is so gorgeous and amazing. Asami Kai too also.