Saturday, February 6, 2010

Goseiger NEW SPOILERS - Ostrich and GoseiKnight

The series Tensou Sentai Goseiger hasn't started yet, and we already have spoilers and spoilers over new Headers and more and more stuff. Here is Gosei Knight, who has not been confirmed as a sixth ranger, but in mine, is more like Wolzard.

SH06 Gosei Knight
Knight Power Release Device, LeonCellular
Gosei Header Series LeonLaser
His theme is a Lion and his colors are black, silver and red.

Knight Power KaihouKi (Release Device) LeonCellular
Price- 3,465 yen
GoseiKnight's transformation device

GoseiHeader Series LeonRazer
Price- 3,990 yen
GoseiKnight's weapon
Most likely to be released in July

Mystic Brothers Set: Mystic Runner
Includes the MysticRunner, and EggHeader. Can combine with GoseiGreat to make MysticGoseiGreat, and DatasHyper, to make MysticDatasHyper. I think the Ostrich is kicking.

I was hoping for a green sixth ranger with a giant sea turtle, for Seaick tribe, but you never know.


W Cyclone Joker Extreme (upgrade) and Accel Trial (upgrade)

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Anonymous said...

An Ostrich!!! seriously n Y?